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Bitcoin Price Decline: 4 contributing factors

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Most of you have probably all seen various reasons floating around - but here is a good article that notes 3 of the biggest contributing factors + plus an extra one I felt worth mentioning:


For the TLDR peeps:

  1. Mt Gox Trustee's sellof BTC & BCH
  2. SEC Reg speculation news
  3. Japanese Exchanges/Coinbase legal issues
  4. Binance - hacking attempt that halted trading to save peeps' coin (and ended up freezing the hackers coins haha) still having the biggest exchange close caused a ripple-effect through-out the ecosystem.

Anyways - check out the article if you want some further info :)

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i heard dthat the next month cox payment will not be until september. but that the lawyer himself could deside on his own if he wants to dump more 

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