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SCAMS/FAKES & SH*T Projects (for the airdrop fam)

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Also - I double checked with ForkDelta yesterday after I saw an airdrop getting offered by them

They responded: 

It took less than 5 mins to confirm - be safe and double check!

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If you see an account like Binance, Cryptopia, Electroneum, John McAfee, Genesis or other legit crypto peeps being impersonated on Twitter and the report section doesn't quite cover what you need please use this form to report them.


I've also reported fake accounts to twitter by getting creative and using the abuse or harassment tag - and reporting targeted harassment tweets where the offending accounts are directing their spam ads to users using @ whoever option to promote their sh*t/scam tweets.

And its official - I've turned into that grumpy old man on the street who rings the cops on the noisy neighbors. (Analogy only :))

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I haven't had a scam shoutout for a couple of days... no news is good news tho :)

But here's an "avoid if can't be bothered with drama" alert - Crestonium Airdrop Bot - Phase 2... I got a couple of reputable reports that participants in the drop started to receive large volumes of spamchain "angry emails" from other participants about being part of a spam chain and it went on and on, sometimes signing up to telegram bot drops is more hit and miss than golden opportunities.  At the time of the reporting the project had yet to respond or apologize for the mass mailout that allowed an irritating situation to occur.

I skipped this one after the first person alerted that something weird was happening. But if you do want to join, maybe use an alt email so you don't have to clean up ur main email box if the angry-chain mail is still circulating.


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