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Ecosystem Players Launch Ethereum Community Fund Grant Program

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On February 15, 2018, several projects in the Ethereum space announced their combined effort to establish the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF), meant to hasten the development of blockchain infrastructure and Dapps.

Cosmos, OmiseGO, Golem, Maker, Global Brain Blockchain Labs, and Raiden embarked on this endeavor with the mission of producing “an environment where teams and ideas can thrive, grow, and collaborate to become essential and functioning pieces of the broader Ethereum ecosystem." It is anticipated that members of the ECF who are already well established will act as pillars of emerging projects, paving the way forward for by "building out base infrastructure and supporting a more robust ecosystem of emerging projects."

The collective projects believe that the best way to achieve this goal is by creating the “Infrastructure Grant program,” which would support individuals and organizations, enabling them to build “crucial open-source infrastructure, tooling, and applications.”

The Ethereum community has prided itself on being a do-ocracy, in which members are encouraged to take on roles and tasks the best suit their abilities. “This technology has incredible promise, but only by laying a strong foundation can we hope to see this technology reach its full potential and gain mainstream adoption,” said CEO of OmiseGO, Jun Hasegawa. “This begins with investment now in public infrastructure that is scalable, versatile, and decentralized.”

Hasegawa concluded with this sentiment:

"One project in isolation can create a product to disrupt an industry, but by working together we can create a framework that will change the world.”

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