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Have you read the book " Ready Player One" ? 

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I was born in 85

These where the crowning years of entertainment as we know it. Movies, games, and music where a huge part of the time I grew up in. Much like today, it defined the era to such a degree you can hardly think of one with out the other. Stand up cabinets where all the rage and slapping a quarter on the marquee was the equivalent of lining up for battle. The winner wasn't much more then a high score, but all the bragging rights in the world came with it. But, to get there we all had to get familiar with two words first. GAME OVER.

If any of that gets you tingling with nostalgia you have to read the book " READY PLAYER ONE" before the movie comes out. It is what us 8 bitters have dreamed about for a long time and I promise you won't want to stop turning the pages.

Keep it Crypto


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