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Loan or Lease: The New Kid on the Staking Block *Edit*

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Masternodes are not available anymore. We are waiting for the Exchanges to give us a reply back. We want to list as soon as possible :)

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On Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 11:05 PM, tendoglass said:



Hey everyone!

Just throwing a new coin I got into out there to you guys. It is a POS coin that is selling masternodes as I am writing the post. It has a great community and will definitely be a contender in 2018. The Loan or Lease (LOL) coin will be hitting exchanges as early as next month. Now i'm not going to get all shilly so I will go ahead and list the pros and cons of what I think they have to offer. I have written a extensive article here at Hubpages . But if you don't want to read all that here is a little summary of some things from it.   

What is Loan or Lease?

"Loan or Lease is a cryptocurrency project that is developing a decentralized network of masternodes that run a smart contract peer-to-peer lending platform for cryptocurrency only. We have recently seen the rise and current trend of cryptocurrency lending platforms, with both good and bad results.The problem is, they are all ran with a central party or man in the middle, holding all the funds. We wanted to create a lending network that was ran by the community and the people themselves. This means there will be no central server. We will have masternode holders running the networking world-wide with great incentives to keep them running.There will also be a PoS[Proof of Stake]% reward for anyone to be able to hold LOL in their wallet and help contribute
node support."





  1. They have a solid vision. A bunch ICO's don't even know what their product is before asking for money. Loan or Lease had it all mapped out before asking for a dime.
  2. Beehive approved. Now this may not mean much to sum, but to me its the golden ticket.
  3. Low coin count. Means it has the ability to take off faster.
  4. Free hardware. Never seen any ICO actually offer anything physical. Much less a mini computer.
  5. Very responsive team with good accolades. The team has the development skills to make it happen.




  1. Brand new. ICO's usually need a little time on the web to insure it is not a scam. People usually sniff them out and spread they word if they are.
  2. No team pics. This is one of my pet peeves, if you have a good product why not show your face? But then again, keeps ya from getting hacked.
  3. No exchanges. At the time of this post there is no exchanges officially trading the coin. Though it is said it will be trading in Jan, this is still a flag.
  4. Low coin count. Ya I know, I had this in pros. But this can be a double edge sword. One person buys all the coins and dumps it can have adverse affects of the coins price.
  5. Need some computer knowledge. In order to install the wallet it is better to have some one experienced do it for ya. Even though they made it easier then most, you can still mess it up.



Click me to go Loan or Lease!


Also here is a quick breakdown of masternodes. 

The masternode is the one of the key components of the network. It is a special server that is constantly verifying and hosting blockchain data, while being maintained at all times.They chose these instead of a central server because masternodes are trust worthy and decentralized. Having a network of them makes attacking and taking down the LOL platform virtually impossible, as there is no centralized server.

They also chose masternodes to ensure every transaction's validated efficiently and in real-time. Being one on the network, you have a chance at being selected to receive a part of each mined block’s value based on the network weight.While holding a masternode, it enables voting for various decisions during the process of growth and developmental. For example, holders will have voting power to help decide what the network reward percent should be.The reward percent is not set in stone at this time and is projected to be around a 45% to 50% reward of transactions.



This is just a quick rundown on what they have to offer. I honestly think staking is going to answer the issues with electricity consumption in the following years. But I am no financial adviser and I do not recommend anyone invest in anything without looking into themselves. All of this info was taken from my article and if anyone has any questions please let me know!


>>>>>>>>Go to Loan or Lease Website here<<<<<<<

*This is a edit of my original post that has been deleted by me so there was no duplicate.

It is  nice coin and i will try it

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On 4-1-2018 at 8:06 PM, Nefarious said:

I'm sad I missed the chance to buy these off the website with the free raspberry Pi Masternode :(

Sorry to here that m8, We didn't expect to run out of Masternode Packages so quickly. But you can still collect 5000 LOL for a Masternode, when we hit the exchanges.

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We are trading on Crypto Bridge!  We will be getting more exchanges soon, we will keep ya posted!


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$LOL will be officially listing 150,000 $LOL on @CryptoBridge for a test and trial run. We are very excited to be on a Decentralized Exchange, especially this one with great potential in 2018! Listing will begin within the next 6 hours... keep your eyes open! #LOL #Decentralized


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