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General Community Rules

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To help ensure we maintain a friendly and welcoming community, it's important that we have some rules that everyone will be expected to follow.

1) Do not post inflammatory or derogatory content aimed at an individual or a specific group. This includes racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic posts.

2) No trolling.

3) No spamming.

4) No sexual or suggestive content or posts.

5) No Harassment.

6) You are only allowed one account per user.

7) You are not allowed to send your bonus points for registering to anyone else. They are solely for you.

8) Do not post low quality posts.

9) Do not post content which specifically targets other forum members i.e. allegations of spamming.  Please report activity if you feel it is inappropriate. 

10) GIFS and Images are not allowed to be used as replies, except in Off-Topic

11) No coin, airdrop, bounty, ICO etc discussions are allowed in Off-Topic.

12) Referral Links are not allowed in posts however a user may include 1 referral link in their signature only. 

Anyone who is found to breach any of these rules will receive a warning or a ban depending on the severity of the rule break. 

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