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The Great Genesis Christmas Giveaway

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To celebrate the festive holidays this year, in addition to the launch of the Genesis Forums, we're pleased to reveal that The Great Genesis Christmas Giveaway has arrived and Santa is packing some serious gifts!

Unlike most giveaways where you simply enter and hope, the Genesis Giveaway is different. Everyone wins but how much you win is in your hands. Literally.

For each of the 25 days of Christmas, we have a card that is assigned an amount of Genesis Points for each day. To claim your prize, you need to choose a number between 1 and 25 and reply to this thread with that number. 

On Christmas Day, the amount behind each card will be revealed and you will receive the amount of Genesis Points that is on your card based on the number you have chosen!

That's not all however!

As a community, you have the chance to earn multipliers which will do anything from double to x20 the amount of points you have all won. To earn a multiplier though, certain targets need to be hit. They are consecutive meaning that the target before has to have been met before the one after it unlocks. In other words, they can be completed in any order but to earn the multiplier each target before has to have been met first.

They are as follows:

1. 300 Forum Members x2.00

2. 400 Forum Members x2.5

3. 6000 Twitter Followers x3.00

4. 500 Forum Members x4.00

5. 50 Reddit Subscribers x5.00

6. 100 Reddit Subscribers x6.00

7.  Trading Volume = 1 Eth x7.00

8. Trading Volume = 2 Eth x8.00

9. 7000 Twitter Followers x9.00

10. Trading Volume 10k USD X 10.00

11. Coinmarketcap Listing x20.00!!

As an example, if at the end of Christmas Eve we have completed 300 Forum Members, 400 Forum Members and 6000 Twitter Followers, everyone's reward will be tripled (x3.00). The targets will be marked as completed as and when we hit them.

You will have to work together as a community to spread the word about Genesis to as many people as possible. Remember, you have a referral link that you can post in groups or send to friends and family.

To Enter:

1) Reply to this post with a number between 1 and 25.

2) You must have at least 5 posts to qualify.

Here are the links you will need:





In short, follow us on Twitter, join our subreddit, trade Genesis on EtherDelta or IDEX and importantly of all, spread the word!

(Please note that rewards of Genesis Points for activity will be halted during the giveaway. Your prizes should more than make up for it though ;) )

Current Multiplier: x2

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