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Should Genesis Pay Dividends to Holders?

Should Genesis Pay Dividends to Holders?  

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  1. 1. Should Genesis Pay Dividends to Holders?

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As part of our new Genesis token which we will be launching for use on the Genesis Marketplace, we want to know whether or not our holders think it would be in the best interest of the project if we paid out dividends to holders of Genesis?

Our proposal is that anyone who owns more than X amount of Genesis will receive monthly dividends from the profit we generate through the Genesis Marketplace.

On the Genesis Marketplace, we will take a small percentage of each sell. This would mean that we pass on a percentage of these fees onto our holders.


In November, the Genesis Marketplace generates 50,000 GEN through fees earned from products being sold on the marketplace.

25% of our revenue will be passed on to holders of Genesis through a dividend scheme. This would mean that out of the 50,000 GEN we collected, 12500 would be paid out.

To qualify for dividends, you would need to hold more than 10,000 GEN. How much GEN you will receive depends on what percentage of the overall supply that qualifies for the dividends that you own. If you own 1% of the overall supply that qualifies, you will receive 125 GEN.


Final Note:

If you have a better way of how this could be implemented, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

As we would accept other cryptocurrencies as payment on the Genesis Marketplace such as Ethereum, we would also be able to pass on Ether to our holders as a dividend. This could expand to include Bitcoin too in the future.

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