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New Genesis Token - Have Your Say

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Following our announcement that we are developing a cryptocurrency marketplace for Genesis, we revealed that we felt that creating a brand new Genesis token would be best for the project moving forward. 

As we get closer to implementing this token swap, we want our community to give feedback on some critical aspects of this new token, such as name, token supply and how the swap should be conducted. This new token will be used throughout the Genesis ecosystem, not just the marketplace, although this will be its primary use case at launch.

Please share your ideas on the following:





Our initial thoughts are to still call the token Genesis although we may need to think of a different symbol as other projects have since opted to use GEN. 

Currently, Genesis has a maximum supply of 16,000,000 (16 million) tokens. Should we increase our supply or decrease it? 

Later this month, we will put forward our proposal based on the feedback we have received for a final consultation with the community. This is your chance to have your say.

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My 2 cents:

Name: Genesis.

Symbol: NES as in GeNESis. This way we could refer to Genesis coins as "Nesies".

Decimals: Indiferent. Not sure about the implications of having more or less decimals.

Supply: This is a tricky one. Many investors, youtubers, twitter influencers and many crytocurrency guides recommend to look for coins with low supply. If the coin also has a use case they are called GEMS. Still, multiplying the supply X10 leave us with a 160,000,000 supply which is not crazy high and way below other Billion supply coins, but Genesis will no longer be a low supply coin. Another option is to reduce the supply further, but as Jackson said they might need extra coins for development. A potential solution is to reduce the supply even further, lets say 2,000,000. Give holders 1 NEW NES for each 10 OLD Gens and keep the extra 400,000 Nesies as development funds. This will put Genesis under the radar of GEMS chasers and together with the dividends given to holders no doubt investors will be interested.

At the end of the day, I thank the chance that the devs are giving the community to have our say. I am really happy with the direction the Genesis is taking and by all means go with the plan of increasing the coin supply if you think that is the best way forward.

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Hi admin / team , thanks for taking input from community   I agree  with genDave  , try to keep total supply low ,  , market has been flooded with projects with billion coin supplies  .. scares investors  . 

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