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“WorldTRX is a new ecosystem for enterprise business. The platform decentralize business with blockchain and AI 

technologies. Additionally, WTX Tokens will provide a low cost payment instrument for cross-border transactions.”

WORLDTRIX Is A Trusted Commerce Ecosystem Driving blockchain technology on e-Procurement platform to step up the 

management of record keeping and transactions. Also, TACTICA is building an enterprise-level blockchain procurement 

ecosystem that enables trusted commerce between buyers and suppliers.

For more than a decade, TACTICA has had the privilege to work with numerous global enterprises of different fields. 

We have achieved sophistication in facilitating procurement process across different industries. Our vision is what 

drives us to strive- construct a trusted commerce ecosystem in this decentralised economy, for enterprises big or 


WorldTRX will transform procurement ecosystem that:

1. Lower business transaction costs by up to 90%

2. Shorten procure-to-pay cycle by 60%

3. Build trust and lower business risks associated with business transactions

4. Grow the community of WorldTRX ecosystem by 10 folds within the next five years.

5. Transfer knowledge and IT system capabilities from large enterprises to SMEs.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO KNOW MORE: https://www.worldtrx.net/

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