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ICO Contest Review and Earn in ETH

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Contest for the best ICO projects review is ongoing at ICOList.guru. There is a reward of 0.025 ETH for each review with a bonus of 0.3 ETH for the top 20 reviews.The reviews are made on current and upcoming ICO. Simply sign up on the forum and post your ICO review on the ICO Discussion section on the platform. The rules are simply: Do not plagiarize, minimum of 2000 characters with detailed information  about the ICO . Post the link to your review including your personal ETH wallet .Payment is made within 24 hours if all rules are adhere to.

For more information on contest .Visit the forum:  https://icolist.guru/d/31-upd-contest-for-unique-reviews-of-ico-320-eth-more-0-025-eth-for-review


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The link can't be accessed. Is this still up and running? When's the deadline? I bet if Ethereum were more or less $20,000, there would be flood of entries

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