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Sarf Exchange
Introducing The Sarf Exchange Platform!

The Sarf Exchange will allow users to exchange real-world currencies for SRF coins and stable coins representing each of our major accepted currencies (USD, CAD, AED, and EUR), as well as for custom tokens they create. With incredibly low transaction fees, the Exchange is at the heart of our functional, digital currency system. It is, in essence, the mechanism by which currency and token exchanges take place in the Sarf system.

A Virtual Wallet App

Designed to store the tokens built on Sarf Network. The SWallet will also allow a link between Sarf stable coins and the Sarf Credit Card, allowing users to fund their pre-paid card to use wherever credit cards are accepted. The SWallet is scheduled for initial release in December 2018, supporting the XRF tokens and later SRF coins, stable tokens, and other tokens based on the Sarf network.
Finally, A Credit Card Backed By Cryptocurrency!

Pay Your Bills
Many merchants may not yet accept cryptocurrencies, but with the Sarf Credit Card, it doesn’t matter – you pay your bill with cryptocurrency, and the merchant only sees a normal credit card transaction.
The Sarf Credit Card will be a physical, real-world credit card, linked to your SWallet. It will be usable at any merchants that accept credit cards. The link with your SWallet means you can settle your bill or make payments using the stable coins available in your wallet.


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