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Introducing Genesis Points

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One of the features we are most excited about with the Genesis forum is the addition of Genesis points. Genesis points are a way for users to earn real Genesis coins by being active on the forum.

Currently, we will reward users with Genesis points on a weekly basis based on their contributions over the past week.

Everyone will have two accounts. A spending account and a bank account. To be able to spend your Genesis Points in the store, they will need to be in your spending account. 

To earn interest on your Genesis Points, you will need to have Genesis Points in your bank account. You can transfer between both accounts easily.

It is up to you what you do with your Genesis points. You can hold them and let them build up or you can cash them out. You can also deposit them to the bank to earn interest which you can withdraw at a later date.

To cash out your Genesis points for real Genesis coins, you have to go to the Store.

Here you will see different amounts of Genesis that you can purchase. The minimum amount you can purchase is 500 Genesis which is equal to 500 Genesis Points.

You will not be able to cash out your Genesis points until you have at least 500.

Once purchased, your Genesis points will be deducted from your balance and real Genesis coins will be sent to the wallet address provided at checkout.

You can check your balance of Genesis points here: http://www.thegenesisforum.com/mybalance/

You can visit the store here: http://www.thegenesisforum.com/store/

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