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There is a place where things will be interesting here.

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CryptoCelebrities offers a new web-based "game"As we know, the Cryptokitties game is crowded with the Ethereum network.

How Does Crypto Celebrities Work?

Users can actually earn money through the platform by buying the right celebrities early on. Prices will double in each transaction, and users will receive the full value of celebrities traded. That's how it works:

To use Crypto Celebrities, you need to add extensions to your wallet and purchase celebrities you want to load on ETH.

There is a place where things will be interesting here. If another user decides to want the celebrity (each one has only one copy), they can purchase it at a higher cost and the seller can not refuse.

The contract starts at a price of about 10 cents. Today, celebrities like Mr. Tetsu Nakamoto are sold at about 13 ETH ($ 13,000) on the platform after 32 transactions. Donald Trump is now 11 ETH after 28 transactions.

For more info visit https://www.cryptocelebrities.co/.

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