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I don't really know if this is the right section for me to post this. Pardon me moderator if I'm posting on the wrong section. I have a little problem here and believe with the help of the community, I'm optimistic that the problem will be sorted out. First, I don't know how the forum operates.by that I mean; how points are gotten, how community reputations are gotten, how the points are being converted to genesis coin. Moreso on my dashboard I've seen sth like unclaimed credit. What does that mean?


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All of what you have asked are explained in multiple threads which I will link for you.

This explains all the stuff related to Genesis such as points, the bank etc: http://www.thegenesisforum.com/forum/7-announcements/ Read all the threads there.

This section explains the stuff related to the forum more than anything http://www.thegenesisforum.com/forum/10-announcements/

 At it;'s core, it works the way any other forum would work but there are rules to follow which can found in the Rules thread in each section.

Unclaimed credit is to do with referrals. When you make a purchase from the store, the unclaimed credit will go towards the purchase.

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