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  1. Introduction Zeepin is the next big thing in the distributed economy. Started by a team led Zhu Fei who 15 years of experience in the creative industry and was awarded as "20 Top Young Creative Talents in Shanghai” in 2011, Zeepin is a decentralized innovation community, which is dedicated to promoting highly efficient circulation of innovation assets. Zeepin aims to solve the problems in global creative industry which hinder it’s growth rate by creating a fair and efficient creative ecosystem. Going by the tagline ‘Smart work, Creative life’, Zeepin is already working on various dApps to solve problems related to the protection of innovation copyright, remote cooperation, talent recruitment, and project financing. ZeeCrew, ZeeRights, ZeeTalent, ZeeCreate are a few of the dApps that the developer team led by Jason Xu is working on at the moment. The team The team is a perfect combination of experience, expertise and energy with Zhu Fei, Shenbi Xu, Glovia Gu taking the C-level positions with a combined experience of over 40 years in creative and corporate sector. Their social media team is very experienced and the telegram channel is very well-managed which shows their interest in customer service. What exactly is Zeepin and how does it work? Have a look at how the Zeepin chain would transform the creative industry : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3n11uQts8Y#action=share Zeepin Tokens (ZPTs) All real-life applications and assets such as the dApps which are developed by the Zeepin team will be launched on Zeepin Chain, with ZPT to be used as tokens for this applications to support service compensation and business application arising from the Zeepin project, so as to allow ZPT to fully circulate. The token sale starts on January 2018 at 1pm UTC where you can also avail a bonus of 30% if you buy on the first or second day of the commencement of sale. Zeepin’s dApps Zeepin uses dApps as tools to solve the problems faced in creative industry. Here are a few examples of how their dApps work at the first place. ZeeCrew : ZeeCrew is a key public facility in the community enabling any Zeepin’s chain organizations or individuals to form decentralized and autonomous project teams. ZeeCrew is an efficient and cost-benefit way to set up a company. ZeeRights : Investors can leverage ZeeRights to gain insights into the credibility and progress of crowdfunding projects, thus making risk-control efforts by having a check on creative copyrights. ZeeCreate : ZeeCreate is a decentralized design interconnection platform on Zeepin Chain which connects with ZPTs through the embedded smart contract, thus to quickly bridge creative contents and people in need of creative ideas. ZeeTalent : Any participating user of the community will have an independent identity, and second-time authentication on the real name authentication through KYC and external identity can ensure the completeness of the community information system. ZeeFund : ZeeFund crowd-funding is more open and effective compared to traditional fund-raising models. Autonomous teams can quickly launch project crowd-funding on ZeeFund and project parties can obtain investment support in the form of ZPTs and bring returns to holders. Other dApps : ZeeSure is in the processing stage while ZeeProof is being planned to be launched by the end of 2019. All these dApps contribute to “The Distributed Creative New Economy” and bring a revolution in the creative industry. Unique Selling Point (USP) of Zeepin Zeepin has a clear road map and a USP which makes it stand-out in the crowd. So how’s it different from other players in the same industry? Copyright Pro : Each creator on the Zeepin chain who has had their right validated will receive a kind of digital asset called "Copyright Pro", which will get the support from Zeepin Chain in its whole lifecycle including copyright selling, transfer, and co-creator copyright distribution. Authorization Pro : Authorization Pros are a kind of digital assets on the Zeepin chain with fast, safe, trusted and decentralized transaction features, just like other digital assets. Zeepin Chain's smart contract function will be performed according to related information specified in the Authorization Pros, and the system will automatically distribute profits according to the agreed percentage. Decentralized transaction : Interconnection and copyright transaction environment provided by Zeepin Chain, including Zee Create and ZeeRights, can ensure trust among multiple parties on copyright creativity, need and production at the absence of the third party. In this way, the transaction cost will decrease to adapt to the "lightweight" transaction trend. Investment : Investors, financial institutions and third-party commercial institutions can join up with Zeepin Chain in the future due to the open nature of the blockchain, thus enhancing traffic guidance, transaction and service on different nodes of the entire community, and accelerating value circulation and cashing in the creative industry. Zeepin Token Sale The ZPTs will be sold starting from January 18, 2018 where you can exchange NEO, ETH or BTC for buying ZPT. 500 Million ZPT is up for sale and you can avail a bonus of 5% - 30% if you buy in the first 10 days of the token sale. The minimum transaction amount is 1 NEO for which you approximately get 500 ZPT. You can check more details about the token sale and Zeepin on their website: https://www.zeepin.io Roadshows Incase if you are from Ireland, Germany or The Netherlands, you can join one of the Zeepin meetup which are coming soon at these locations. You could refer the official website for more details Important Links Website : https://www.zeepin.io/T elegram : https://t.me/zeepin Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2623536.0 Twitter : https://twitter.com/ZeepinChain Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZeepinChain/ Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/ZEEPIN/ Medium : https://medium.com/@zeepin All about token sale : https://faq.zeepin.io/index.php?action=show&cat=2 Disclaimer : Parts of above context may have been extracted from the official Zeepin website for promotional purposes. I’m not a financial advisor, so it is highly advised to do your research before investing in any token. Viewers are advised to invest only at their own discretion.