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Found 3 results

  1. billyboy

    Genesis wallet

    Just wondering, is the domain of the wallet down? What happened to the wallet users?
  2. Making sure you encrypt your wallet so if you lose your pc or someone gets acces to it they can not do anything To do this go to Settings - encrypt wallet Set your password and make sure you don't lose it. You need to confirm that you will lose all your coins if you forget the password. The wallet will need to close to complete the process. Also all backups you have made are now obsolete. You will need to make new ones. When you restart the wallet on the right hand side you will see a lock that means your wallet is encrypted an locked. To unlock your wallet. Go to settings unlock wallet. Fill in your password en you have a checkbox (only for stacking) if you unlock it only for stacking If you keep this box check you still cant send any coins away from your wallet. If you uncheck that box you will be able to send coins. Until this part most crypto's are following and do most of these things. But what you also should do is dump your private key. Go to help --> debugscreen Go to console If you type help you can find al commands you can use. To get your private key type Dumpprivkey and your wallet addres behind it. If you get this error This means your wallet is not unlocked yet or only for stacking like min was at this time Go back lock your wallet if it is unlocked only for staking open wallet again and uncheck only for stacking If you then run dumpprivkey again Save that return also somewhere save. Even if you lose your password you will be able to unlock you wallet.
  3. vhighfill


    Can I use coinbase wallet. For Gen coins