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Found 5 results

  1. Do you hold crypto currencies in exchange wallets when you are not trading? If yes for how long ?
  2. billyboy

    24h volume

    How can we check the 24h trading volume of GEN in etherdelta or IDEX? Or there is no daily volume? Would like to know
  3. exael

    Altcoins for 2018

    So, what coins do you guys think will rock 2018?And, most importantly, why? Post your predictions!
  4. A bunch of people get a hold of me and ask "What do I do with my coins after I buy the?" Usually people here in the states use Coinbase to link to their banks and purchase one of the big three( BTC, ETH, LTC). From here you have a few options. You can just HODL: Which is just buying and waiting in hopes that one day the price will be much higher then what you bought it for. This is a long method but very tried and true and with the big three you will have profits come 2019 at minimal risk. Trade on a exchange: This is what I like to do. I send my coins to a exchange of my choice and ride the short to med waves in the crypto markets. WARNING not all are created equal and you will have to learn which are better suited for you. Private Trading: This is higher risk and mainly for the big boys who have large amounts that need to get moved at once. There are other things you can do like stake or loan but that is for a different thread. When looking for a exchange stay away from one that have cheap transfer and trade fees.Bellow i will post links to three trusted exchanges and hope you all have a great experience in this tremendous market we have all grown. These exchanges are free to use so there is no sign up fee. however Binance fees are way cheaper then Bittrex and have better support. Bittrex has massive volume so you can get rid of trades quicker, though that has not been the case lately. Cryptopia has pretty high fees but a bunch of different coins. Try them all and see which one feels right for you before you send anything and remember to always send coins to matching wallets! CLICK ME TO GO TO CRYPTOPIA CLICK ME TO GO TO BINANCE CLICK ME TO GO TO BITTREX Keep it Crypto Tendo
  5. Hello guys! Some of us here are newcomers, but others have a bit more mileage. There are a lot of topics one can learn, and sometimes the amount information on the internet can be overwhelming and you want to get the best resources to learn from. The suggestion of this thread is for people to post good learning materials, ranging from courses, videos, articles, etc. These can be anything you consider valuable for learning (like reading Sun Tzu's Art of War or getting to read that entire blog on TA). Post away!!! Maybe we can make this thread a really good compilation of learning materials! Suggestion, post what it is all about before the link (like a category: FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS/WISDOM/RISK MANAGEMENT/Etc) . Bonus, add a small paragraph on why is it useful.