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Found 4 results

  1. Feal_solution


    Profit from the 318,943,989 Coins from the GBMS TECH as Token for free. Hi, GBMS TECH, is a unified cybersecurity platform for everyone using Blockchain technology. Expanding on a breakthrough in affordable enterprise-level cybersecurity to create pro-level protection we can all benefit from including a monitored hardware and software solution that stops threats like no other. It's a self funded project of a big independent community with a suitable strategy for a fair distribution and successful mass adoption for: Businesses - Branding and Reputation Service Staff - Recognition, Respect, and Gratitude Customers - Better Purchasing Decisions through Customer Reviews GBMS TECH Wallet and Affiliate The GBMS TECH Core Wallet will be one of the first wallets that has integrated an own affiliate. program in the wallet. So if you help your friends to setup a GBMS TECH masternode or to stake GBMS TECH you will automatically get 30% of their rewards, Our journey has been very tough, but we have delivered our technology in aid of business customers, service staff, and consumers. In the early stage, we spend our personal money because we believe in our Technology, Mission, and Cause. Now, we are ready for our business expansion. We have removed investment and business risks from you and delivered. GBMS TECH as a customer accepting product. And now is the right time to profit with us through our business expansion plan to capture the highly lucrative global customer tipping market by participating in our ICO (https://www.gbmstech.io). If you have any doubts, feel free to visit our website at https://www.gbmstech.io If you would like to test or verify GBMS TECH feel free to drop me an email at Ico@gbmstech.io, or reach me at Telegram (T.me/ATSToken) We will be happy to setup a live working account for any of your favorite retailer, F&B, or corporate companies to establish and verify our claims. So, I hope you will profit with us by investing in our business expansion, tokenize customer tipping, and uncover heroes amongst service staff. GBMS TECH solicits customer reviews and tipping to generate the demand for our tokens and propel our token price through our business ecosystem. The GBMS TECH token enjoys a high utility value and greatly differs from others due to the completion of our product, and with existing customers. I sincerely invite you to embark on this profitable and meaningful journey with us and enjoy the fruits of our success and hard work. For more information, you can check out our YouTube videos on:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6zluqXe6fY&t=5s I look forward to hearing from you soon, Yours Sincerely,
  2. arcrypto

    The magic of technology

    Technology has always made wonders and got us awestruck by the magic it creates. There was dot com revolution back in 2000 and now the block-chain revolution in 2017. There is also a dark side to technology since there is massive uncertainty in what happens in the near future. What do you think? Is technology a boon or a bane?
  3. LadyGrace

    Technology knowhow

    For those who are not into ICT or do not understand the ethics of the internet, please get this knowledge and hold on to it for your future decisions when people start posting rubbish links telling you to claim one unrealistic gifts. In internet terminologies, we have what is called TLD which stands for Top Level Domain. The TLDs tell you more of the type of website you are visiting for which the domain is standing for. Examples are... .com which stands for commercial (that's for businesses) .org for organizations .net for networks .edu for education .mil for military .gov for government Etc. TLDs can also come by being country specific. Examples are... .ng for Nigeria .fr for France .us for USA .uk for United Kingdom Etc. TLDs can still be matched for its purpose and country specific. Examples... .com.ng for Nigerian commercial websites .gov.ng for Nigerian government websites Etc. Now when people decide to create a website, they choose a name for their domain and for the purpose of the website, also choose its TLD. Example... adisfunn.com microsoft.com safe-haven.win church.net nta.com.ng scoan.org Etc. Now out of domains, we have what is called subdomain. A subdomain exists as a child of its mother domain. If there is no domain, there will be no subdomain. A subdomain can exist as a separate website of its own but will always rely on its mother domain to exist. It is always attached to the mother domain. Example... news.microsoft.com In the example above, microsoft is the domain .com is the TLD for commercial purpose news is the subdomain So in clarity, news is the subdomain of microsoft domain existing on the .com TLD for commercial purpose Subdomain always come from the left side of all links Just like we have subdomain, we also have sub-subdomain. In this the sub-subdomain relies on the subdomain which in turn relies on the domain. Example... tech.news.microsoft.com And then we have more subs of preceding subdomains and so on till when the owner of the website gets tired of creating subs Always remember that all subs come from the left side of links. To know the real owner of a link posted, first look at the domain name which is always at the right side of the link Whatever you see there tells you if the link is original or fake phishing link Like in the Jumia nonsense link that has been going on, I will analyse it now below http://jumia.com.ng.new-vouchers.win The real Jumia website we know is Jumia.com.ng In the posted fake link above, if you look closely, you will see that jumia.com.ng came first in the link from the left side This tells you that it is a sub sub subdomain of the domain new-vouchers.win The main website of that link is new-vouchers.win They created the sub sub subdomain jumia.com.ng to deceive people into thinking they are actually visiting Jumia.com.ng Remember, always study the links you receive to know the real owner before clicking it. Rule of thumb, read from the right of every links to know the real domain before clicking Anything from the left side is just a sub Now that you have gained this knowledge, keep it and stay safe Thank you
  4. A career in the technology marketplace is diverse and lucrative, with excellent job leads, self-improvement chances and high-end salaries accessible for the best applicants. In this article, we look at the best of what the tech world has to offer along with their relations regarding education and average salaries. 1. Mobile Application Developer Most likely you and a lot of people you know posses smartphones/ tablet computers. Mobile application development is among the world's quickest growing professions. As smartphones and tablets continuously change the manner we connect, do business, and access information & entertainment, the demand for new innovative mobile apps is increasing at an incredible speed. So companies are more heavily counting on IT specialists with experience in this field than in the past Education: A bachelor’s in software engineering, computer science, mobile computer or related fields. Average Salary: $90,000 with high growth outlook, 2. Database Administration Nowadays Companies are accumulating increasingly more data, a trend called "big data." The information needs to be secure, frequently backed up, structured for ease use and subject to specific permissions and access. Also, as more databases are linked to the Web and cloud, database administrators are the people in charge of obtaining and examining all of the information to find business insights. Education: A bachelor's degree in a computer-related field such as computer science, IT electronics or operational research. Although they are often certified for a specific database platform such as MySQL , Database Administrator, Oracle DBA and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. Average Salary: $82,000 Education: A bachelor’s degree in software engineering or a related field is best. Average Salary: $90,000 3. Network engineering Computers need to communicate with one another; employees need to communicate with one another. A network engineer operates on the network infrastructure of a company, creating and configuring powerful firewalls, troubleshooting outages and arranging system upgrades. One can find plenty of work out there due to the wide number of banks, merchants and offices that require powerful networks. Education: A bachelor's degree in a computer related field, such as programming, computer science, engineering, and many employers prefer applicants to have an MBA in information systems. Average Salary: $78,000 4. Web Development Frame Work Annually, a record number of companies bring their products to the Web. As the variety of services and products available on the web continues to rise, web development will enjoy increased job opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects about 27 percent employment growth for web development by 2024. Education: The road to web design can be learned through accredited degree programs. Average Salary: $95,000 5. Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. Cloud computing is a kind of outsourcing of computer programs, users are able to access software and applications from wherever they need, while it is being hosted by an outside party. Most cloud computing services fall into three broad categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (Saas). Cloud computing is an on demand as it enables companies to consume a compute resource, such as a virtual machine (VM), storage or an application, rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in house. Education: A degree in cloud Software engineer, IT architects. Average Salary: $100,000 6. Machine learning engineer Machine learning engineers are sophisticated programmers who develop machines and systems that can learn and apply knowledge without specific direction. The ability to develop machines and systems that automatically improve puts machine learning at the absolute forefront of virtually any field that relies on data. Education: Perfection in C++, statistics, Advanced Signal Processing techniques, Expertise in Unix Tools Average Salary: $125,000 7. Algorithm design /coding An Algorithm designer builds algorithms in such a way that the input itself does some of the work for the required user. The goal of algorithm design is to complete a job in fewer steps, when they write codes, they take into consideration all of the simple operations the computer is taking to reach the goal. Education: A degree in lead software engineer Average Salary: $80,000 8. Digital marketing A digital marketer integrates marketing services used to attract, engage and convert customers online. Digital marketing utilizes multiple channels such as content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, social media and online advertising to help brands connect with customers and uncover performance of marketing programs in real-time. The demand for digital marketers grow daily as a lot of companies require people with this skill set to help promote their brand online. Education: Should posses skill set in fields such as; Digital marketing management, SEO marketing strategy, SEO analyst. Average Salary: $73,000 Banking, financial services, insurance, taxation 9. UX designer Demand for UX designers has drastically increased. With the growth and development of mobile and wearable technologies, apps and improved web usage globally, UX designers are in growing demand. Education: A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Science/Technology, also accredited degree programs such as Graphic Design. Average Salary: $90,000 10. Data scientist A Data Scientist is a professional who understands data from a business point of view. He is in charge of making predictions to help businesses take accurate decisions. Their duties typically include creating various Machine Learning-based tools or processes within the company, such as recommendation engines or automated lead scoring systems. Education: Perfection in mathematics, statistics, correlation, data mining and predictive analysis. They should be familiar with Java, Python, and Map Reduce job development. Average Salary: $115,000