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Found 5 results

  1. Chaz

    Forum Suggestions

    Hi , was thinking of some possible forum additions , Maybe adding a price ticker of current Gen price ,and total /current circulating amount ? ,Also maybe its possible to add links to established exchanges where Gen coins can be purchased ,and links to new upcoming and established exchanges where we can upvote Gen coin to be listed ? Sorry just some suggestions for possible addons ,
  2. Any thoughts on the horizon for a Valentines Day quick comp? Was thinking you could do a Meme based V-Day comp incorporating our love for Gen <3 and we could vote on them via the like buttons? Prizes for top 5 - I dunno just spitballin ideas
  3. Yeahh I suggest genesis forum can add buying advertisement option in store where people can promote their website or page buying advertisements like 100clicks/10GENPOINTs. Or may be option to buy banners
  4. Hello again @Jackson_Genesis! I have another suggestion for you. Whenever we are replying to any comment, we can quote it which is a very good thing but my comment goes to the bottom of the page which decreases the engagement. Instead can we directly reply to a comment under it? Just to make things clear, The present interface looks something like this : START OF TOPIC Comment 1 Comment 2 : Quoted the Topic and replied Comment 3 Comment 4 : Quoted comment 1 and replied (Which is actually lost and mixed in other comments) The proposed interface should look like this : START OF TOPIC Right under the topic : We should have a new button with reply 1st comment ........1st reply to first comment ............2nd reply to first comment 2nd comment . . so on.. -- Arcrypto
  5. arcrypto

    Genesis Promotion

    Hello Jackson, I'm a newbie here! I really love The Genesis Forum and have already tweeted and recommended it to my friends I'm a blogger myself and contribute to various knowledge sharing platforms such as Quora, Reddit, Steemit, etc. The user interface, rewards system is overwhelming and I firmly believe Genesis going to the moon by the end of 2018. BUT BUT BUT... There's lack of engagement and active users on the platform which is easily noticeable. I understand Genesis coin is still in its initial stages and not many people would be ready to invest their time but did we (The Genesis Forum community) really reach out to everyone out there? We have a clear road map, we are sure Genesis coin will rise up! All we need is promotion like never before. I have checked out the bounties which is good, why not start more promotional programs on Twitter and other social media to increase our user base? I'm a social media manager who is good with online marketing and branding. All I suggest is let's together promote Genesis Forum and I will be more than happy to help you start a new campaign with little or no cost.