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Found 8 results

  1. Parsashiva

    Transfer genesis points

    Is it possible to transfer genesis points from 2 different accounts into 1 account?
  2. imeya

    #1 GEN FAN

    Hey Guys! I am super excited to finally be a part of the GEN forum community! I want to first say how proud and excited I am for Jackson Genesis and the entire GEN dev team for these guys are literally one of the highest class acts I've ever had the chance to interact with in my whole time in Cryptocurrency. That's why I decided to donate a decent amount of ETH to this project in it's early days of taking air drop applications because it was absolutely the right thing to do, that also just happened to get me a decent amount of GEN coins that I have every intention on HODLing and deploying in various ways that will continue to add value to this community, as the need presents itself. I want to also congratulate the GEN community for this is one of the top class communities in Crypto space, period. I am a Dev myself so my time is very limited but I'll continue to stay involved in this great community and participate in ways that I can to help answer questions about Crypto, HODL, trading, investing, ICO evaluations, and overall general business advice (the tougher the questions, the better, hahaha!)..... Please feel free to send me a PM or reach out how you feel comfortable if you come across any like-minded scenarios or synergy and I'll do my best to help make the best of it. Wishing you all Peace, Love and Prosperity in this new year we call Crypto18! :-)
  3. Crown

    Genesis Coin In 2018

    Hi guys, What do you think about Genesis Coin In 2018... Thanks for share...
  4. Hello Fellow Genesiers! New friend are here. First and foremost my best friend are lies in most distractive list of critics! At top I'm a lover of learning everything New! And that's the reason why I'm in here! Bacically I'm a slave of City of Sin | Dedicate best years of my life to serve sure the notoriousl nationhood slavery remain untouched. Geographically my current location wasn't better place to live & zero possibility for becoming frinedlier to stay alive very soon! So no way to announce the War against the slavery savary backed by propagandalism! And at the end point I'm a true believer of equal humanship , anything else will never leading the way to making this world a better place to live for our future Genesis! Enough for Now. Will return soon possible. Happy New Year!
  5. LeeMac

    HODL program query

    Hi team, just wondering what's happening with the HODL program? Was the snapshot taken at 31Dec, and when are the payout dates for each month? Thanks
  6. vhighfill

    Forum topicd

    When I joined I saw great movement on learning all about this Gen project and thought this is good project for first time endeavor. Then the topics that to me are not helpful in learning what are tokens what are coins what and how does this all work. When to trade or buy or lol. I read posts on sports games etc. All of these topics should not get points because it's not relevant to the project and doesn't help anyone. And I have a question. How do you tweet a post or project and add to it then tweet your I'd. Isn't it displayed when you tweet ? I like and retweet a post as asked but don't know if it's done right.
  7. Hello again @Jackson_Genesis! I have another suggestion for you. Whenever we are replying to any comment, we can quote it which is a very good thing but my comment goes to the bottom of the page which decreases the engagement. Instead can we directly reply to a comment under it? Just to make things clear, The present interface looks something like this : START OF TOPIC Comment 1 Comment 2 : Quoted the Topic and replied Comment 3 Comment 4 : Quoted comment 1 and replied (Which is actually lost and mixed in other comments) The proposed interface should look like this : START OF TOPIC Right under the topic : We should have a new button with reply 1st comment ........1st reply to first comment ............2nd reply to first comment 2nd comment . . so on.. -- Arcrypto
  8. arcrypto

    Genesis Reputation

    What is Genesis reputation? How do I build my reputation?