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Found 1 result

  1. LeeMac

    Anyone still playing Pokemon Go?

    Personally, I haven't played for awhile, or looked at anything PGo related considering the craziness I got lost in for a few months in the beginning... but I just updated tonight and might go for a wander over the next few days and see what Pokemon are out and about. So, if we have any Pokemon Go fans here, tell me your most memorable catching experiences? I've got 2 I want to share quickly. 1 - Hubby used to drive me on Poke-dates... He's a petrol head so he pretty much did skids while I popped an incense and made him drive under the 40km speed around the farming blocks... yes, away from main traffic...awww good fun!! He's only get frustrated when Pikachu would take forever to catch lol. 2 - On one of our night-time hunts in a city, we parked up alongside several other cars at a lured Tri-Pokestop place (mostly off the road). Our car was still running, headlight on ready to move off when a copcar cruised by slowly and pulled over ahead of us... you're not supposed to use your mobile while in the drivers seat, and Police coming down hard and checking drivers more frequently after accidents etc, so I was a little scared at this point and threw my phone at hubby... however the cop, was only really checking the Poke-mob wasn't getting too unruly, causing problems and stuff so he didn't give us any grief, instead he slowly cruised back past us all and turned on his loudspeaker... and started to play the Pokemon themesong!!! And it was EPIC!!! Ok, whose next lol!!