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  1. Do we have a separate forum area for these? If not - please be vigilant - I know I applied to an airdrop offered by Benebit and after hearing it did a runner and then recently seeing all the fake airdrops going around I was thinking this might be a good a place as any to watch out for and be wary of what you sign up to. EOS Airdrop & Telegram Bot - via Google Form and Telegram (confirmed by EOS official telegram to be an unofficial and more than likely fake drop) OmiseGo (same as above) XRP (same as above) Twitter accounts of famous people offering free crypto if you send them a small amount first (no real official person would require you send them anything - they don't need ur crypto - McAfee, Elon Musk, Charlie Lee, Binance, Cryptopia are examples of people I've seen have accounts set up looking like them - subsequently I report every fake account I see and suggest you do the same. If you complete airdrops - remember you never need to send anyone your private keys or passwords (and in most instances never need to send ETH unless you want to buy tokens directly) so if you ever get contacted for this info just ignore the person/block them/report them in whatever app you get approached etc and be careful who you complete KYC info for - especially in regards to an airdrop - I complete hundreds of airdrops and only have a 10% conversion rate and legit airdrop projects have never required my passport photo or details. So please be careful out there If you have come across airdrops that seem dodgy or claim to be official please let us know here. Official airdrops are easy to verify as the project owners accounts will be able to confirm this easily from within their social media channels. Unofficial ones (can still be legit - like a giveaway to help promote a smaller start-up channel) the difference in scams is that they "pretend" to be from legit people.