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Found 3 results

  1. munareal

    ICO Contest Review and Earn in ETH

    Contest for the best ICO projects review is ongoing at ICOList.guru. There is a reward of 0.025 ETH for each review with a bonus of 0.3 ETH for the top 20 reviews.The reviews are made on current and upcoming ICO. Simply sign up on the forum and post your ICO review on the ICO Discussion section on the platform. The rules are simply: Do not plagiarize, minimum of 2000 characters with detailed information about the ICO . Post the link to your review including your personal ETH wallet .Payment is made within 24 hours if all rules are adhere to. For more information on contest .Visit the forum: https://icolist.guru/d/31-upd-contest-for-unique-reviews-of-ico-320-eth-more-0-025-eth-for-review
  2. The long awaited Android Mobile Miner was finally released last week to the public after its extensive beta testing finished. Finally the rest of us get our hot little hands on it. https://electroneum.com/ If you have ever tried to used a faucet or miner mobile app in the past you'll know how tiresome it can be. Your phone is technically not set up to operate in an "always-on" state that the Minergate mobile miner for example requires, and its battery drains quicker as a result. You also need to change it's default sleep settings and have it plugged in to constant power as well.... Annoying much... And then, the mining result is so inconsequential, that you might as well have spent 10 minutes claiming from faucets instead of wasting energy setting up your phone. The ETN miner solves most of this. Download the app, login and set up your account, get ur wallet sorted. Yes, yes... a little bit of mucking around there (but you still need to do this on any other app you register for). Then click the miner button to start it - it calculates your phones hash power and then you can sleep your phone. Yep - it runs in the background. The difference in ETN's miner versus other miner's is that its not directly mining from your phone... ok what??? Its converting the hashing power your device theoretically has, and its giving you the resulting equivalent ETN you "would" earn if the phone was a dedicated miner. ETN are aware of the above problem with mobile phones and trying to mine on them and the end result is - you are still supporting the ETN network by downloading and using their miner, but the miner is more allocating you a comparitive reward rather than rewarding for direct ETN. And I love this. The ETN will get transferred automatically to your ETN account upon mining 5 ETN. I currently only generate 15 hashes per second. Compare that to the CPU ETN miner you can download for a PC that can do over 100 hashes a second, or a single GPU that works on thousands of hashes per second, its not exactly the most efficient way to mine. But the beauty of it for me is - its not taxing my phone at all, its not intrusive and taking up most of my phones processing ability, its just another tool in your passive crypto generating arsenal to help grow your free crypto. Download it now, refer your friends and all start earning some #freecrypto link below in my sig!
  3. Endure

    2018 belongs to ETN

    I dont know about others I feel very positive about ETN. if 2017 belonged to BTC and ETH then 2018 is for ETN. How do you feel about ETN or any other coin to look forward