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Found 29 results

  1. Does anyone here play Axie Infinity? What is Axie Infinity? Axie Infinity is a Blockchain-Based(Ethereum) Game that uses both ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens (Non-Fungible Tokens/NFTs) to develop the Ecosystem, which uses the MetaMask Extension to operate. In this ecosystem, you can create, breed, battle, level up, and buy/sell/trade Axies. Axies are basically unique creatures that all possess different skills, abilities, attributes and looks. They have 5 different classes (Beast, Aquatic, Plant, Bird, Bug, and Reptile). Each specific class has a different set of skills along with composition of attributes (HP, Speed, Skill, and Morale). You need at least 3 Axies to form a Battle Team with. To learn more about how to Battle with your Axies, you can visit the Guide and Overview on the Official Website HERE. You can also breed axies, which are one of the most fun and interesting aspects about this game because every single Axie is completely unique. There are many factors to take into consideration while breeding or wanting to breed. You are somewhat rolling the dice to see what new attributes/looks are carried over, dropped, and new ones acquired. Here is an example of two of my axies that I bred and their offspring... One of the most popular aspects of Axie Infinity, aside from breeding and battling is buying, selling, and trading Axies. You can visit the MarketPlace on the website and see all of the Axies that are currently for sale (purchase with Ethereum). You can choose to filter your search based upon many preferences like cheapest, expensive, class, mystic (rarity), breed-able, etc.). This function allows for you to narrow your search if you are looking for a specific Axie, skill/attribute, or look. Players often sell the Axies they no longer want to add to their teams to try and raise ETH to be able to buy new axies from the Axie Lab or buy other Axies in the MarketPlace. Not only can you buy and sell Axies, but you can also list them up for siring (breeding). This means you can offer your Axie to the marketplace to be bred with and receive ETH if someone wants a chance at attaining a quality/gene that your Axie possesses. They will receive the new egg and you will receive ETH in return. Best of all, Axie Infinity is planning a lot of new updates in general and especially in Q4 2018. They have one of the best online communities I have been a part of. Everyone is incredibly helpful and supportive to each other and new members. Not to mention, the developers and team are always online and responding to questions and having fun. One of the best ways to get involved is to join the Axie Infinity Discord Server. *If you do join, be sure to tell them that YuurinBee sent ya! If anyone is interested in learning more or getting started, feel free to message me. I am addicted to this game and playing it everyday trying to get better. It is growing and getting a lot bigger and better. There is now over 30,000 battles on the mainnet! Oh yeah, just this month an Axie sold for 50 ETH!
  2. munareal

    Did you Know

    You can earn Genesis Coins just by holding Genesis! All you need to do is keep your coins in your wallet and if you meet the threshold, you’ll receive interest based on your account balance! Click to learn more on website http://genesiscoin.io
  3. https://www.coindesk.com/google-bans-crypto-mining-browser-extensions-chrome/ Finally!! Google has decided to stop endorsing "Crypto-Jacking" extensions and is now banning them after seeing that most of those in the Google store were developed non-compliant. I mean - it honestly took them long enough... they really should have been more proactive in the crypto scene well before now shutting down the scam/fake apps that are in there well before now.
  4. vhighfill

    Scarry news here

    I just got an email from coin base and it's something that has got me worried. So here is a copy of my email. Please give me some insight. Spooked By SEC, Video Streaming ICO Halts Airdrop Entrepreneurs are starting to doubt that crypto tokens can be used at all in the U.S. In fact, according to Simar Managt, the co-founder of distributed video streaming startup Stream, the current environment of regulatory uncertainty and rumors of subpoenas is putting such a pinch on projects that many are thinking about "moving elsewhere." But, while that hasn't happened yet for the Silicon Valley-incubated startup, the threat of regulator action is leading it to overhaul its product roll-out - drastically. Announced Tuesday, Stream is releasing a white paper that outlines its token distribution, but the process is on hold until the team knows how U.S. regulators will permit its tokens to be used. Launched in October, Stream had planned to give live-streamers, vloggers and online video makers a way to break platform lock-in by building a Chrome extension that allowed fans to tip creators wherever a video appeared, but the firm says its whole project has now been thrown into question. Borrowing terminology from GitHub, the founders are now doing what open-source coders call a "rebase," aiming to make the best of a difficult path ahead. That's not to say Stream hasn't shown a willingness to make key changes in strategy, starting with a shift in CEOs in January, with Mangat stepping in for former exec Ben Yu. The company has also changed how it would distribute tokens over time. For example, it had originally planned to redistribute its increased market cap to creators based on performance, as CoinDesk previously reported. Instead, Stream later shifted to a scheduled release or "airdrop" of its tokens. Stream would come to decrease its overall token supply as well, dropping the figure from 12.6 billion to 10 billion as a way to repay early backers for some of the unexpected gains made in the value of ether since those early investments. Perhaps most importantly, the team cancelled plans for a public token sale, choosing instead to raise all the money they needed in private sales to accredited investors. In order to build adoption and buzz for the project, they planned to do an airdrop to early supporters in their Telegram and other channels, as they described on Medium. The plan was to distribute 500 million of their total 10 billion tokens with an airdrop to different people who'd already shown their interest, rather than offering it for sale. With so many changes, though, the company sent out a message to everyone who had invested so far, updating them all on the new course and making sure that they are still comfortable with the strategy. Building a wall? Finally, late last week, the company decided the uncertainty went further than they thought. The original plan had been to launch the Chrome extension, release a round of investor tokens on the vesting schedule and airdrop tokens to supporters all on the same day later this month. "It is basically delayed indefinitely with our legal team to make sure we can move forward in the most compliant way possible," Mangat explained to CoinDesk. The sticking point is whether or not all tokens are securities. If they are, it could be that an airdrop is dangerous. Mangat pointed out that there were cases of companies giving away equity during the dot-com bubble, and securities regulators took action. As such, the company is in the middle of finding out if all tokens have to be registered or if there's a way they could distribute free tokens under the SEC's "Reg S," which provides for unregistered securities outside the country. Which raises the question of whether a whole new tech economy could come up outside a firewall around the U.S. Of course, there is another option. Stream could give up on its own token and just run all the tips on ether, which despite having been issued in an ICO has been free from regulator scrutiny. Mangat said: Read the whole story Tweet Share ⭐ COINDESK SPONSOR ⭐
  5. Has anyone here heard of the FAN Token? It sounds like it might be the next generation of cryptos, it is somehow able to let token holders be the one calling the plays and hiring the team managers, drafting players for a football league right from your smartphone!! Sounds pretty interesting to me and I'm not even on much of a football or sports fan for that matter lol but I did Sign up for the FAN Token airdrop with a chance to get up to 10,000 free FAN Tokens! I think this is going to be a really great project. If you want to sign up to atleast get your free coins or sign up and purchase them during their ico then you can pm me for the link because I can't post it here..
  6. The long awaited Android Mobile Miner was finally released last week to the public after its extensive beta testing finished. Finally the rest of us get our hot little hands on it. https://electroneum.com/ If you have ever tried to used a faucet or miner mobile app in the past you'll know how tiresome it can be. Your phone is technically not set up to operate in an "always-on" state that the Minergate mobile miner for example requires, and its battery drains quicker as a result. You also need to change it's default sleep settings and have it plugged in to constant power as well.... Annoying much... And then, the mining result is so inconsequential, that you might as well have spent 10 minutes claiming from faucets instead of wasting energy setting up your phone. The ETN miner solves most of this. Download the app, login and set up your account, get ur wallet sorted. Yes, yes... a little bit of mucking around there (but you still need to do this on any other app you register for). Then click the miner button to start it - it calculates your phones hash power and then you can sleep your phone. Yep - it runs in the background. The difference in ETN's miner versus other miner's is that its not directly mining from your phone... ok what??? Its converting the hashing power your device theoretically has, and its giving you the resulting equivalent ETN you "would" earn if the phone was a dedicated miner. ETN are aware of the above problem with mobile phones and trying to mine on them and the end result is - you are still supporting the ETN network by downloading and using their miner, but the miner is more allocating you a comparitive reward rather than rewarding for direct ETN. And I love this. The ETN will get transferred automatically to your ETN account upon mining 5 ETN. I currently only generate 15 hashes per second. Compare that to the CPU ETN miner you can download for a PC that can do over 100 hashes a second, or a single GPU that works on thousands of hashes per second, its not exactly the most efficient way to mine. But the beauty of it for me is - its not taxing my phone at all, its not intrusive and taking up most of my phones processing ability, its just another tool in your passive crypto generating arsenal to help grow your free crypto. Download it now, refer your friends and all start earning some #freecrypto link below in my sig!
  7. munareal

    Bitcoin Millionaire

    In recent times a lot of people have become millionaires with bitcoin or other crypto currencies. Are you a bitcoin millionaire?
  8. There are some big things coming up for ICON in the next two months. This is great news considering how much of a hit ICX has taken over the last couple weeks. Today I found that the ERC20 to ICON Mainnet token swap is happening sometime this month, March 2018. You can find more info in an article I wrote on Steemit about the new beta wallet they released if you want to check it out. I hope it's okay to post this link, if not please delete guys. https://steemit.com/icon/@tennesseejedeye/icon-launches-wallet-iconex Then in April 2018, ICON will be launching 5 Dapps including Stove, Bluewhale, TINK, Silkroad, UPPSALA (which I think is called Sentinel Protocol), AD4th. This should positively impact the price in the same way ICO positively impact the price of competitors (ETH, NEO). Stove (Smilegate) A social platform producing and distributing a variety of digital contents, including games, built by Smilegate, a global online gaming company listed on the Guiness Book of World Records for number of concurrent users of CrossFire Blue Whale A decentralized ecosystem of sharing economy for workers to receive fair rewards TINK A distributed application that helps your friends give credence to your social profile by making anonymous vote on what they like and think about you Silkroad A platform that supports transparent history management and purchasing by reforming the semiconductor supply chain and SCM into a blockchain-based decentralized system Sentinel Protocol aka UPPSALA Security Intelligence Platform for Blockchain (SIPB) which aims to overcome the disadvantage of decentralization by turning it into an advantage of security AD4th A decentralized advertising platform with real-time P2P reward system Nucleus Vision An IoT-based, contactless identification system that empowers retailers to identify and better serve their customers, currently on the Ethereum blockchain rumored to integrate to ICON Mainnet.
  9. munareal

    Bitcoin worst monthly decline

    The bitcoin price could be headed for its worst monthly decline since January 2015. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/31/bitcoin-is-heading-for-its-biggest-monthly-decline-since-january-2015.html
  10. Is it good time to invest on crypto as the market is red? Answer is yes. The crypto market is red now due to FUD where all the alt coins are low. This is the perfect time to buy. As the market will soon get ok and you will never see this price again. 10 coins according to me you should buy now. 1.ETN 2.IOTA 3.REBL (NEW TOKEN WITH POTTENTIAL) 4.ADA 5.NEO 6.GEN 7.OMG 8.BITCOIN WHITE BTW (NEW ICO NOT YET ON MARKET BUT HAVE ITS OWN SIDE CHAIN WAY BETTER THAN ETH) 9.XRP 10.XRB FEEL FREE TO COMMENT IF YOU THINK YOUR FAVOURITE COIN MISSED OUT AND YOU THINK WE SHOULD BUY THEM.
  11. Hi ! I run a FB group called the Crypto Basement and would like to extend a invitation to the folks here a TGF. I make occasional calls that have made a few people some good money, but it is NOT a pump and dump group. These groups hurt the crypto verse and I don't want to have any part of that. What I do try to do is give you a edge in the cut throat world of crypto trading! Link is bellow and I hope to see you guys there. P.S. I am also doing a coin giveaway at 500 members and we only need 140 more! https://www.facebook.com/groups/375762152893932
  12. My suggestion is that I saw a group for giveaways base on cryptocurrency but actually i can't find one where we can post our ref link base on cryptocurrency so that other can benefit and we too also benefit. #Admin please create one
  13. Endure

    2018 belongs to ETN

    I dont know about others I feel very positive about ETN. if 2017 belonged to BTC and ETH then 2018 is for ETN. How do you feel about ETN or any other coin to look forward
  14. whizhorlar

    Buy ACHAIN now will moon sooner

    ABTC Q&A #1 Q1 ,Will ACT still have value and be exchangeable or will ABTC replace ACT? A: ABTC is a fork of ACT and does not replace ACT. You will get ABTC besides your ACT. Just like BTC and BCC. Q2. How can the ABTC be claimed when we have ACT on our desktop wallets? A: Just keep holding the ACT. The ABTC will be added automatically to your wallet. Q3, Can ABTC be mined? A: No. Q4,What algoritm is ACT using? Is it a BTC fork which means Proof of work (POW), or not? A: Consensus mechanism: The use of RDPoS can separate the voting rights from accounting rights. Q5,What should I do as a holder of ACT to get ABTC? A: Just hold your ACT in your wallet and you will receive ABTC automatically. Q6, If we put ACT coin in the wallet, can I receive candies (ABTC) A: Yes. you can. Q7, How to receive fork coin? can we store coin in exchange platform,or must store act in wallet? A: Achian team will airdrop candies to every ACT holders, and most exchange platform can receive candies too, Please find following OKEx announcement. Q8, Can we look the new coin as forking plus fusion technology? A: ABTC more like a forking coin. Q9, If the time BTC get height BTC 498888 and the ACT 1498888 are different, then when will stare airdrop ABCT? A: The ACT will forking on 2-Jan-18, and BTC will forking on 13-Dec-17, The forking program will start on 13-Dec-17, and the ABCT Coin release day will be confirm soon. Q10, The airdrop plan already confirmed? whats the plan ? A: Every ACT address with get ABTC by 1:1 rate, Coin release day will confirm soon. Q11, What the ACT holder need to do, and what need be attention? A: Only one thing need holder to do just keeping your coins. Go to www.achain.com for more information about this promising coin And don't forget to follow them on twitter @Achainofficial And join the telegram channel https://t.me/joinchat/E6VZQkRr3eZzkkCT48_85w Thanks Do not miss this great opportunity To the Moon!!!
  15. exael

    Altcoins for 2018

    So, what coins do you guys think will rock 2018?And, most importantly, why? Post your predictions!
  16. Hello everyone I am new to the Genesis community and have been investing in Crypto coins for the last 6 months. Glad to be apart of the Genesis community. Daryl Digital Green
  17. whizhorlar

    Achain ( NEXT NEO)?

    What is Achain Why is it better than ETHEREUM? Could it be next NEO? why is it compared to QTUM? Then yo need to check this out https://whizhorlar.blogspot.com.ng/2018/01/achain-next-neo-must-read.html
  18. munareal

    Bitcoin Supremacy

    Bitcoin is the only crypto currency that is accepted as a means of payment in online stores.Some people prefer to be paid their salary in bitcoin . Is there any other crypto currency that is treated like this?
  19. Hello Fellow Genesiers! New friend are here. First and foremost my best friend are lies in most distractive list of critics! At top I'm a lover of learning everything New! And that's the reason why I'm in here! Bacically I'm a slave of City of Sin | Dedicate best years of my life to serve sure the notoriousl nationhood slavery remain untouched. Geographically my current location wasn't better place to live & zero possibility for becoming frinedlier to stay alive very soon! So no way to announce the War against the slavery savary backed by propagandalism! And at the end point I'm a true believer of equal humanship , anything else will never leading the way to making this world a better place to live for our future Genesis! Enough for Now. Will return soon possible. Happy New Year!
  20. LeeMac

    HODL program query

    Hi team, just wondering what's happening with the HODL program? Was the snapshot taken at 31Dec, and when are the payout dates for each month? Thanks
  21. A bunch of people get a hold of me and ask "What do I do with my coins after I buy the?" Usually people here in the states use Coinbase to link to their banks and purchase one of the big three( BTC, ETH, LTC). From here you have a few options. You can just HODL: Which is just buying and waiting in hopes that one day the price will be much higher then what you bought it for. This is a long method but very tried and true and with the big three you will have profits come 2019 at minimal risk. Trade on a exchange: This is what I like to do. I send my coins to a exchange of my choice and ride the short to med waves in the crypto markets. WARNING not all are created equal and you will have to learn which are better suited for you. Private Trading: This is higher risk and mainly for the big boys who have large amounts that need to get moved at once. There are other things you can do like stake or loan but that is for a different thread. When looking for a exchange stay away from one that have cheap transfer and trade fees.Bellow i will post links to three trusted exchanges and hope you all have a great experience in this tremendous market we have all grown. These exchanges are free to use so there is no sign up fee. however Binance fees are way cheaper then Bittrex and have better support. Bittrex has massive volume so you can get rid of trades quicker, though that has not been the case lately. Cryptopia has pretty high fees but a bunch of different coins. Try them all and see which one feels right for you before you send anything and remember to always send coins to matching wallets! CLICK ME TO GO TO CRYPTOPIA CLICK ME TO GO TO BINANCE CLICK ME TO GO TO BITTREX Keep it Crypto Tendo
  22. tamsay


    In the midst of the hustling and bustling, price fluctuations, dumping, mooning, hodling, icos and so on. I believe we should create time to cool-off and relax. Music is one of the things I do to relax and refresh my soul and mind. My Favorite musical instrument is the GUITAR, followed by PIANO and then DRUMS. Learning to play the guitar wasn't very easy and pleasant and journey has not ended. To my fellow music lovers, kindly share your experiences. Thanks
  23. Orlahyeahlay


    Please who has a spare Tim to teach me how to trade
  24. The LOL Bounty Program is now officially Live! Please visit the Bitcointalk Official Bounty Ann Thread here to see about applying: https://t.co/bv9GTjiYD0 If you have ant questions prior feel free to ask me here as well. I am the Bounty Manager and will assist in anyway possible to make sure everyone has a happy bounty experience! Keep it Crypto Tendo
  25. whizhorlar

    Achain on reddit

    Please find my rough and clunky post On Reditt about Achain. Please upvote this if you are on Reditt. The group I posted this article has 15,000 crypto followers. If you upvote, then there is a massive upside for all of us. https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrencyTrading/comments/7o0lnk/achain_act_everything_you_need_to_know_about_this/?st=JC007GK1&sh=09d82668