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Found 29 results

  1. munareal

    Ethereum Mining Profitability

    Is Ethereum mining more profitable than Bitcoin mining?
  2. DudeLion420

    Passive crypto Income with Coinpot

    So there is this site called Coinpot.co. It has a Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin faucet which pays every 5mins and adds up if you only want to claim every few hours/days or whatever^^ They all go into your coinpot balance and you can even swap between the coins at the actual market price. Makes withdrawing very easy, so you can swap all coins from all the faucets for only one and withdraw it. Im using all these since some time now and can confirm that they pay out, as i withdrew couple of times allready. Made me a few hundred thousand satoshis. Not bad for nothing but a few captchas a day and like 2mins of my time. It may look like small amounts, but they really sum up fast^^ They also let you mine those coins and also bitcoin cash with your browser. I personally am not using this service. Thought you guys may enjoy this passive income too First you need a coinpot account and then you can use it to login on all the faucets. Coinpot: http://coinpot.co Dash Faucet: http://moondash.co.in/?ref=A553758ED350 Bitcoin Faucet: http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=4ba3faeaf00d Litecoin Faucet: http://moonliteco.in/?ref=58c9d4cee375 Dogecoin Faucet: http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=aaae0e8314d9 note: the links shown are ref links. Meaning i get a little bonus when you sign up. You wont get less. You dont have to use my links, but i would highly welcome it, friend ~peace, have a great day
  3. Most of you have probably all seen various reasons floating around - but here is a good article that notes 3 of the biggest contributing factors + plus an extra one I felt worth mentioning: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-briefly-drops-9000-factors-behind-decline/ For the TLDR peeps: Mt Gox Trustee's sellof BTC & BCH SEC Reg speculation news Japanese Exchanges/Coinbase legal issues Binance - hacking attempt that halted trading to save peeps' coin (and ended up freezing the hackers coins haha) still having the biggest exchange close caused a ripple-effect through-out the ecosystem. Anyways - check out the article if you want some further info
  4. Has anyone here heard of the FAN Token? It sounds like it might be the next generation of cryptos, it is somehow able to let token holders be the one calling the plays and hiring the team managers, drafting players for a football league right from your smartphone!! Sounds pretty interesting to me and I'm not even on much of a football or sports fan for that matter lol but I did Sign up for the FAN Token airdrop with a chance to get up to 10,000 free FAN Tokens! I think this is going to be a really great project. If you want to sign up to atleast get your free coins or sign up and purchase them during their ico then you can pm me for the link because I can't post it here..
  5. munareal

    Bitcoin Millionaire

    In recent times a lot of people have become millionaires with bitcoin or other crypto currencies. Are you a bitcoin millionaire?
  6. There are some big things coming up for ICON in the next two months. This is great news considering how much of a hit ICX has taken over the last couple weeks. Today I found that the ERC20 to ICON Mainnet token swap is happening sometime this month, March 2018. You can find more info in an article I wrote on Steemit about the new beta wallet they released if you want to check it out. I hope it's okay to post this link, if not please delete guys. https://steemit.com/icon/@tennesseejedeye/icon-launches-wallet-iconex Then in April 2018, ICON will be launching 5 Dapps including Stove, Bluewhale, TINK, Silkroad, UPPSALA (which I think is called Sentinel Protocol), AD4th. This should positively impact the price in the same way ICO positively impact the price of competitors (ETH, NEO). Stove (Smilegate) A social platform producing and distributing a variety of digital contents, including games, built by Smilegate, a global online gaming company listed on the Guiness Book of World Records for number of concurrent users of CrossFire Blue Whale A decentralized ecosystem of sharing economy for workers to receive fair rewards TINK A distributed application that helps your friends give credence to your social profile by making anonymous vote on what they like and think about you Silkroad A platform that supports transparent history management and purchasing by reforming the semiconductor supply chain and SCM into a blockchain-based decentralized system Sentinel Protocol aka UPPSALA Security Intelligence Platform for Blockchain (SIPB) which aims to overcome the disadvantage of decentralization by turning it into an advantage of security AD4th A decentralized advertising platform with real-time P2P reward system Nucleus Vision An IoT-based, contactless identification system that empowers retailers to identify and better serve their customers, currently on the Ethereum blockchain rumored to integrate to ICON Mainnet.
  7. vhighfill

    Low to high

    Has anyone heard yet if this coin as well as the other big ones are going to turn around and start climbing? If you have heard anything can you enlighten us. I have lost some and I'm hoping to gain it back and more. Been hold these hoping to gain. Bit scarey to lose instead. I have some in Bitcoin,ETH and Ltc Wishing you all the luck in trades.
  8. Orlahyeahlay


    When is Gen trading now and how much? Is there any other exchange that the dev is planning on listing this coin to drive this project?
  9. munareal

    Bitcoin worst monthly decline

    The bitcoin price could be headed for its worst monthly decline since January 2015. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/31/bitcoin-is-heading-for-its-biggest-monthly-decline-since-january-2015.html
  10. Is it good time to invest on crypto as the market is red? Answer is yes. The crypto market is red now due to FUD where all the alt coins are low. This is the perfect time to buy. As the market will soon get ok and you will never see this price again. 10 coins according to me you should buy now. 1.ETN 2.IOTA 3.REBL (NEW TOKEN WITH POTTENTIAL) 4.ADA 5.NEO 6.GEN 7.OMG 8.BITCOIN WHITE BTW (NEW ICO NOT YET ON MARKET BUT HAVE ITS OWN SIDE CHAIN WAY BETTER THAN ETH) 9.XRP 10.XRB FEEL FREE TO COMMENT IF YOU THINK YOUR FAVOURITE COIN MISSED OUT AND YOU THINK WE SHOULD BUY THEM.
  11. Stripe will no longer supporting bitcoin payments by April this year, the company announced yesterday. Stripe said that customers aren’t using bitcoin as a method of payment as often anymore. The company plans to slowly end support with the cutoff point being April 23rd. It’s a total reversal of the company’s position four years ago, when it announced it would become the first payment platform to accept bitcoin, citing bitcoin’s potential to be bought by anyone. At the time, Stripe CEO and co-founder Patrick Collison very aptly said, High transaction fees and volatile prices have made bitcoin a difficult and unreliable method of payment, especially within the last year. Stripe product manager Tom Karlo explained in a company announcement, Karlo elaborated that “we’ve seen the desire from our customers to accept bitcoin decrease. And of the businesses that are accepting bitcoin on Stripe, we’ve seen their revenues from bitcoin decline substantially.” Still, the company remained optimistic about cryptocurrencies and the possibility of enabling support for other digital coins in the future. Since earlier this month, the price of bitcoin has begun to fall incrementally, despite some peaks over time. At the time of writing, bitcoin is now worth $10,939.41, although it hit $17,000 on January 6th, according to Coin Desk. Another company, Valve, announced it was ending bitcoin support back in early December,when bitcoin prices had reached a new high.
  12. Pingvalue is a people-centric open platform that innovates the current socio-economic model by enabling relevant and trustworthy interactions/transactions between people and businesses/institutions There is a real need in the market to reach relevant customers with personalized interactions/transactions and to translate big data into actionable metrics. OUR MAIN ICO Website is https://pingvalue.io Anchor texts: Blockchain ICO, ICO project, Blockchain-based advertising services in Smart City, PRE-SALe ICO (until Febrary 17Th) Token Distribution Rates Total Amount: 600 million Type: ERC20 Sales total: €30.0M Token Price: €0.0625 Pre-sale: bonus range from 10-50% (e-meet our Investor Relations desk) ICO: €0.0625 per Pingcoin Exchange: initial price of €0.0625 per Pingcoin
  13. Now is the best time to invest in bitcoin, says digital currency hedge-fund manager. Market watchers should invest in bitcoin now that prices are down, says BK Capital Management founder Brian Kelly. " Kelly, portfolio manager of the BKCM Digital Asset Fund, told CNBC on Tuesday. With uncertainty over the regulatory environment of digital currencies in South Korea and China, Kelly pointed out that cryptocurrency is in a "hand-off" period, moving from retail Asian investors to U.S., European and Japanese institutional investors. "When we talk about bitcoin being up at $20,000, everyone is running around being all excited," he said. "Those are the times to be a little cautious." Bitcoin prices have remained stagnant between $10,000 and $11,000 for the last week, not recovering from price highs of $19,500 in mid-December. The 45-percent drop in value has some market experts worried that the bitcoin bubble may have burst for good. But Kelly said the falling prices were "incredibly healthy for the ecosystem. You shake out the weak hands. You get strong hands in there." Kelly has three golden rules for crypto investors: 1. Only risk 1 percent to 5 percent of assets. "This is a new technology," said Kelly. "Things break. This is the internet in 1995." With an asset that fluctuates in price so much, the potential for growth is exponential — but so is the loss. If the investment doesn't work out, losses can easily be absorbed, Kelly pointed out. 2. Don't sell too soon. Kelly recommended holding on to the currency, even if it's up 20 percent or 30 percent. "Once there's momentum, you hold onto this thing," he said. 3. Do not panic when coin drops 50 percent. Understand the volatile nature of digital currency. "These things can move 20 percent to 30 percent in a day," he said.
  14. SkageRage

    Calendar of Events

    Just a few calendars that I find to be useful : http://coinmarketcal.com/ https://tokenmarket.net/ico-calendar http://coinview.co/calendar https://www.altcoincalendar.info/ https://www.iacr.org/events/ Good luck and good hunting
  15. whizhorlar

    Buy ACHAIN now will moon sooner

    ABTC Q&A #1 Q1 ,Will ACT still have value and be exchangeable or will ABTC replace ACT? A: ABTC is a fork of ACT and does not replace ACT. You will get ABTC besides your ACT. Just like BTC and BCC. Q2. How can the ABTC be claimed when we have ACT on our desktop wallets? A: Just keep holding the ACT. The ABTC will be added automatically to your wallet. Q3, Can ABTC be mined? A: No. Q4,What algoritm is ACT using? Is it a BTC fork which means Proof of work (POW), or not? A: Consensus mechanism: The use of RDPoS can separate the voting rights from accounting rights. Q5,What should I do as a holder of ACT to get ABTC? A: Just hold your ACT in your wallet and you will receive ABTC automatically. Q6, If we put ACT coin in the wallet, can I receive candies (ABTC) A: Yes. you can. Q7, How to receive fork coin? can we store coin in exchange platform,or must store act in wallet? A: Achian team will airdrop candies to every ACT holders, and most exchange platform can receive candies too, Please find following OKEx announcement. Q8, Can we look the new coin as forking plus fusion technology? A: ABTC more like a forking coin. Q9, If the time BTC get height BTC 498888 and the ACT 1498888 are different, then when will stare airdrop ABCT? A: The ACT will forking on 2-Jan-18, and BTC will forking on 13-Dec-17, The forking program will start on 13-Dec-17, and the ABCT Coin release day will be confirm soon. Q10, The airdrop plan already confirmed? whats the plan ? A: Every ACT address with get ABTC by 1:1 rate, Coin release day will confirm soon. Q11, What the ACT holder need to do, and what need be attention? A: Only one thing need holder to do just keeping your coins. Go to www.achain.com for more information about this promising coin And don't forget to follow them on twitter @Achainofficial And join the telegram channel https://t.me/joinchat/E6VZQkRr3eZzkkCT48_85w Thanks Do not miss this great opportunity To the Moon!!!
  16. ikegwegbe

    Can Bitcoin regain it's value

    Recently Bitcoin has gone through alot based on it's value reduction. It was once $20000 ,and it's around $11829 at this time of typing. So I wonder if it will ever pass that $20000 mark again considering other altcoin in the Crypto world trying to compete with Bitcoin expecially ethereum, which has way cheaper transaction fees
  17. Ranzy16


    Hello everyone, I am new to this crypto world. I am eager to know more, and invest some money. I am open to all suggestions.
  18. munareal

    Bitcoin Supremacy

    Bitcoin is the only crypto currency that is accepted as a means of payment in online stores.Some people prefer to be paid their salary in bitcoin . Is there any other crypto currency that is treated like this?
  19. Following the recent Meltdown/Spectre CPU attacks, a possibly critical vulnerability on the Electrum Wallet software has come to light. It would appear that this vulnerability was first introduced in 2015 with version 2.6 and could allow malicious code from websites to potentially gain access and steal funds from Electrum Wallets. According to Electrum's twitter account, a security update has been released and users of Electrum wallets are advised to upgrade to the latest version (Electrum 3.0.4). Users who had been using Electrum wallets without setting a password are particularly at risk. However, users who have password-protected their Electrum wallets could also have their settings changed by malicious code and expose the wallets to future exploits The latest release can be downloaded from the Electrum website. - Originally posted on Steemit
  20. Hello Fellow Genesiers! New friend are here. First and foremost my best friend are lies in most distractive list of critics! At top I'm a lover of learning everything New! And that's the reason why I'm in here! Bacically I'm a slave of City of Sin | Dedicate best years of my life to serve sure the notoriousl nationhood slavery remain untouched. Geographically my current location wasn't better place to live & zero possibility for becoming frinedlier to stay alive very soon! So no way to announce the War against the slavery savary backed by propagandalism! And at the end point I'm a true believer of equal humanship , anything else will never leading the way to making this world a better place to live for our future Genesis! Enough for Now. Will return soon possible. Happy New Year!
  21. Orlahyeahlay

    The coin

    Do you know anything about trident coin? Check it out. I hope Genesis will grow this way too
  22. arcrypto

    Bitcoin Fork

    I do not understand the concept of forking. I see lot of Bitcoin Forks appear from nowhere such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin God and what not! So, how is this forking done? Is there someone who regulates the authenticity of these forks since we trust in Bitcoin and not in forks (unless developed with a clear whitepaper by a great team) Lastly, why do all bitcoin holders get the same amount of the newly created fork coins for free?
  23. btcbeehive

    I am the Bitcoin Beehive

    What is up beautiful people of the genesis forum! I am Mike Butcher, admin and founder of The Bitcoin Beehive, a Facebook/twitter community that was created to share reliable information and help new users learn in a safe environment. When I first started in cryptocurrency trading I was but a young lad with nothing but a curiosity for the magic internet money we call Bitcoin. Fast forward almost one year later and I find myself teaching others about this magical currency of the digital realm, in a group I created simply because of a scam I invested in. Let me take you back to tell a story of one groups journey in the quest of world domination. It all started some seven moons ago when Admin was struck with despair and disbelief at the savages we know as scammers today. In the world of crypto there are a lot of people who try to take advantage of young crypto connoisseurs through phishing sites and hyip programs promising high interest returns for your hard earned coins. After joining another group on Facebook I was quickly sold on the idea of a program called BetRobot, an hyip scam bot on Telegram. Needless to say I lost my first $500 of Bitcoin and was pretty annoyed. "No more!" I yelled at my laptop screen in the dimly lit room I called my home. I vowed to create the best group on Facebook...for crypto at least. So on this day The Bitcoin Beehive was created, and the dark days of cryptography would be dark no longer. In this group I found the best team I could to list as my moderators; people ranging from day traders, to blockchain experts teaching at Universities, to graphic designers with strong libertarian mindsets. The next step was securing a set of rules that were to be followed by all who joined the Hive... "No spamming will be tolerated, No bashing others or rude comments, No scamming, No FOMO or FUD posts." All posts are checked by moderators first before they are approved to the discussion feed. It was with these rules the Beehive soared its way to 3,000 members! My dreams of creating a community, no, bringing a community together was finally coming to life. When suddenly I realized we are missing a huge part of the community. We are missing YOU! So what do you say my friend? Can we count on you to be a leader in our community? Will you be the next moderator for The Bitcoin Beehive? Will I ever get laid? All questions I do not know the answers to, all I know is I will continue to do my part in helping people enter the markets the right way. The Beehive way.
  24. CryptoMac

    New to the Crypto world!

    I'm fairly new to the Crypto world. Cryptocurrencies caught my attention 2 months ago and ever since i've been hooked. I'm currently working on my profilio but Ethereum is my bae! What currencies do you believe in?