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Found 3 results

  1. kentybas

    Multifaucet 29 currencies

    Hello There is one new Multifaucet where you can claim more than 29 currencies. FreeRoll ticket every hour. & Win up to 10000 sat every hour on BTC FreeRoll! Win up to 50x on the Boomerang game. Multi Coins Crypto Miner. The also have Dice,lottery,lucky number , boomerang , miner , autofaucet and chat room You can also exchange ur coins to another using the built in exchange there is also a 25% ref commision join now
  2. pratikmodi53

    Kucoin exchange site

    Apologies for the long read but I'm trying to make a sound case A preface: Cryptocurrency is a collection of micro pyramid schemes contained within one overarching pyramid scheme. We only buy them in the hopes that there will be a bigger sucker who will pay more. Some of these technologies may prove integral in the coming years, but their current valuations are entirely speculative and hyperinflated. All of you missed (or sold/lost) bitcoin. Most of you missed Ethereum. You can try to gamble on the next big shitcoin. I can even recommend a few. But what I offer to you is much less speculative. You don't need chart reading ability, nor is your wealth wholly at the mercy of an irrational markets. You get what you put into this. Most of you are familiar with coinbase. Surely some have ventured into bittrex, binance, and poloniex. Binance exchange is only 5 months old. And it has already become the rank 2 exchange for volume. They handle 2-3 billion dollars of trades everyday. Why? They have amazing customer support, great token selection, a mildly profitable referral system, and the BNB token. It is their proprietary token. BNB token cuts trading fees in half. None of the other archaic exchanges have any features like this, hence why they are falling behind. Enter Binance 2.0 - KuCoin Exchange. Chinese based exchange that was just created one month ago. Superior to Binance in all facets. Great customer service, bank-tier encryption (high security), good UI, and an even better referral program. ONLY IMPORTANT PART OF THIS POST: If someone uses your referral link when they sign up to KuCoin, you will receive 20% of their trading fees. This extends to 3 degrees of separation. Meaning if they refer someone, you will also incur a small portion of that person's fees. Repeat once more. Why would someone use some Chinese exchange called KuCoin? It is going to rival Binance in the very near future.Much of Binance's popularity comes from their BNB token. KuCoin has a much better version of the BNB token. Anyone who holds KuCoinShares (KCS Token) will receive dividends of the exchange's trading fees. 90% of KuCoin's trading fees go to customers. 50% to KCS holders and the rest to referrals. Right now KuCoin exchange only handles 30m in daily volume. Binance went from 30m to 3b in just several months. And KuCoin is better in every way. If you hold 10,000 dollars worth of KCS you will receive 100 dollars per day in dividends if the exchange reaches Binance levels of trading volume. Not to mention, the value of KCS is expected to rise exponentially as the exchange grows. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? - referral links removed- It means you sign up on KuCoin and start peddling this exchange to crypto noobs. Give them your referral link. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an MLM pyramid scheme. It will not collapse because this will soon be one of the best exchanges. Daily volume is rapidly increasing. Even people who are relatively well versed in crypto are unaware of KuCoin exchange. When you signup I highly recommend buying some KCS so you can begin receiving dividends. And yes, I'm giving you my referral link. It doesn't cost you anything. If you show me that you used my link I will airdrop you some tokens and give you any trading advice you want. - referral links removed- I know people who have made 100k+ in two months just from referring people on binance, despite not knowing anything about trading. The KuCoin referral program is far more profitable and this is just the beginning. Forgot to add why the exchange is valuable in the first place- they have low market cap coins that are then picked up by Binance. This has happened time and time again and another occurrence is rumored for later this week. PRL is supposedly being picked up by Binance and has been booming in the past couple hours because of these rumors. If this does happen this is how moon missions occur. You buy a low market cap coin that easily 50x with any slight adoption by the community. Profit like this simply does not exist on Binance.
  3. tamsay


    Football used to be my most favorite (and loved) sport. However, Badminton came along and literally swept me off my feet. Do well to comment about your badminton experience below and if you happen to reside in Lagos (Nigeria) we could arrange for a get-together as well as a match-up . As for me, representing my school and my state at the highest competition levels remains something I will always treasure and remember. The badminton family is a closely-knitted one; I'm expecting your comments. On a lighter note, Victor Axelsen is mooning right now...