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  1. Maverick

    Steam Winter Sale is live

    Missed out
  2. Maverick

    Dota2 or Lol

  3. Maverick

    Type of Game

    Scrabble, 2048
  4. Maverick

    Anyone still playing Pokemon Go?

    Lol... No
  5. Maverick

    My coins

    Thank you. And you too
  6. Maverick

    cryptocurrency to invest on this 2018

    Ripple is here to stay Posted 4 hours ago Just DYOR
  7. Maverick

    Altcoins To Invest On This Year (2018)

    I prefer holding neo. Gives a win win situation with free gas
  8. Maverick

    What Altcoins are you invested in?

    Btc, eth, neo, bnb, salt, Btg, etc Posted 4 hours ago And cordano!
  9. What else if not coins
  10. Maverick

    About ETHEREUM

    It's all about choice. I have mew and coinomi
  11. Maverick

    Multiple account

    Hardware wallet is best
  12. Maverick

    the eth fee is increasing very fast

    Not only eth, fees for other exchanges are increased too
  13. Maverick

    Whats up now 2018?

    Awareness. Increased awareness