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    TOMOCOIN: internet of value

    Hi gang! I've been away from this forum for two weeks now T_T sorry about that! I had to visit some old friends at Singapore, and then back to Australia Anyways, my time away wasn't as unproductive as you'd think! I've been researching about a lot of new ICOs, mostly those that are somewhat acquainted to NEO (Because I love me some NEOs). I usually post random ICO researches on Facebook/Medium/Bitcointalk/etc and i realised that I've never actually done a full on review/overview or discussion on the ICOs that I'm looking at here on the genesis forum! So, I'll start with Tomocoin first as I think this project is one to look out for. I was debating between Tomocoin or Morpheus Network but went with Tomocoin instead as I still need time to research Morpheus Network I hope this information will be of value to you guys! THERE WILL BE 3 SEPARATE SECTIONS, SKIP TO NUMBER 3 FOR THE OVERVIEW TOMOCOIN: How I was introduced to TMC (1) Tomocoin (TMC) is a project that was introduced to me by "Cyrpto Investor", also known as @CryptoSave on twitter. I previously invested some of my earnings into genesis vision (GVT) which I was a bit weary at first but lo' and behold, it turned to be a very good project with a very committed team. Not to mention some impressive gains were made if you're THAT type of investor! (Aren't we all ). His tweet that influenced me to look into this ICO was around early January and boy, am I glad that I saw that tweet, or I wouldn't know about this gem! After reading the white paper and "scanning" through the PDF with a cup of coffee next to me at 3 a.m (because my brain is slow at processing technical words) I finally got around Long Vuong's vision and idea! Now that I've got this out of the way, I'll move into section two of my research, the founder of TOMOCOIN! TOMOCOIN: The founder (2) Now, I will only be posting information that were made public by Mr Long Vuong himself as I do not want to breach his privacy . I completely understand the need to check the team's background and recent works to establish trust, establish with the whole "scamming fiesta" that's been happening in the crypto space . But believe me when I say this, I have lost hours of sleeping time researching on all ICOs that caught my attention, to make sure it is "LEGIT"! And I can tell you this project is completely 100% honest and transparent, not mention they have been actively engaging with their community on telegram! (I will provide links to his linked.in at the end if anyone is curious, or if you just want to see what he looks like ) NAME: Long Vuong Nationality: Vietnamese Co-Founder Tomocoin and CEO at Tomochain Vietnam Computer Software Current Tomochain Pte. Ltd. Previous CityMe, Alternative Blockchain, University of Massachusetts Amherst Education University of Massachusetts, Amherst Has more than 500+ connections as stated on his linked.in SUMMARY (written by LONG Vuong): An experienced technologist, entrepreneur and product manager. I follow a big vision to build products that impact millions of people. His recent work experiences and projects involvements are nothing but flawless in my opinion. I'll put down what I've learnt so far about his projects, too clear any doubts. His previous notable involvements include: CityMe, NEM, UMASS AMERHST. I'm sure there are more but like I said, I will only provide information that were made public by him LONG VUONG'S PORTFOLIO: Co-Founder and CEO Tomochain Pte. Ltd. December 2016 – Present (1 year 3 months) Blockchain infrastructure framework Tomochain https://tomochain.com/ Cryptocurrency Tomocoin https://tomocoin.io/ CEO CityMe August 2015 – January 2017 (1 year 6 months) Groupon + Yelp in Vietnam with many localized features. I am in charge of overall product development and business strategy. Co-Founder - Project Lead - NEM blockchain Alternative Blockchain January 2014 – September 2014 (9 months) Transform finance and money with the application of digital currency and blockchain. Lead a team of 5 senior software engineers and hundred of community enthusiasts to build a currency alternative to Bitcoin from scratch. Worth 15 million $ market cap at the time I left. I co-found this project when I was at the final stage of Doctoral Candidacy at the University of Massachusetts. PHD Candidate - Economics Department University of Massachusetts Amherst September 2010 – September 2014 (4 years 1 month) Work on my researches on business cycles and the role of money and money institutions. Read and synthesize the works of Hyman Minsky, Keynes, Hayek, Schumpeter and Douglass North. Graduate Research Assistant Political Economy Research Institute - UMASS October 2011 – January 2014 (2 years 4 months) Research on shadowing banking structures in U.S and other topics on banking, money and the financial system. My researches are under the commissioned research project on U.S financial system at PERI and I worked under the supervision of Prof. Pollin. Instructor in the Continuing Education and Economics Department University of Massachusetts Amherst June 2009 – June 2013 (4 years 1 month) Teach the summer 300-level class on Money and Banking. This is an online class offered by the Continuing Education Department and open to students outside of University of Massachusetts. The class size is about 15 students per semester. Education University of Massachusetts, Amherst PhD candidate, Economics 2006 – 2014 Fullstack Academy of Code Computer Programming 2014 – 2014 Intensive 3 month boot-camp in New York city. Study and work to develop skills in full-stack software development. International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam Master's degree, Economics of Development 2003 – 2004 Hanoi Business and Commerce Business and Management 1998 – 2002 A0 K34 Vocational High School, DHQG Hanoi Math + Computing 1996 – 1998 TOMOCOIN: Overview (3) The last and final section - Why Tomocoin you ask? Imagine ethereum, but FASTER. Or another way to put it, imagine ethereum, but without scalability issues, no fees, and ultra fast. It is currently often called the ETH of vietnam and an early contender for 2018 ICOs (apparently thats what everyone on twitter is saying, word of mouth ) TMC provides store of value + proof of stake/mining + master nodes + ICO & Business Platform + DApps + API + Open-Source + AI support + crosschain CRUCIAL KEY FEATURES: TMC offers an innovative solution to scalability issues on the Ethereal Blockchain (Public), in a decentralised environment. TMC will also provide instant confirmations and Near-Zero transaction fees. TMC also features an ICO hosting platform: Smart contracts to host decentralised apps, token issuances and token integration for small and big businesses. Additional features include: Zero-fee atomic cross-chain transactions; public audibility of financial transaction records masternodes & service nodes system to have a secure, immutable database and provides investors with a great passive income and voting ability mining/staking, cashing in and cashing out features based on smart contracts built-in exchange protocol and ICO smart-contract templates - support for all ETH smart contracts proof of authority consensus based on ethereum codebase The TomoApp beta was released in Q3 2017 and is available now on WEB APP / APPLE STORE / GOOGLE PLAY STORE. TOMOWALLET IS ALREADY RELEASED AS WELL. The TomoApp Mainnet official release will on Q3/2018; TomoChain official release on Q4/2018 Thank You for reading my post
  2. MissPuppy

    Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    interesting ill join
  3. MissPuppy

    Zelda, it is just timeless

    it is indeed timeless. borrowed my friend's nintendo just so that i could play ocarina of time lol! i wonder if anyone's ever delved into majora's mask? I'm intrigued with the whole 'ben drowned' creepy pasta
  4. MissPuppy

    Type of Game

    I don't play games as often now, but definitely final fantasy.
  5. MissPuppy

    Candy Crush Saga

    I don't play it but my mother is at level 569. Im surprised at how much she likes it lol
  6. MissPuppy

    Dota2 or Lol

    DOTA 100%
  7. MissPuppy


    i think the genesis community will probably grow twice the amount right now or even more, but twice as large at least. I've been to lots of forums for different coin and it seems like the genesis community is healthy and respectful so far. i hope it doesn't get toxic.
  8. MissPuppy

    Make a wish for yourself in 2018!

    i wish genesis to prosper with its healthy community member, and for 100 NEOs hahaha
  9. MissPuppy

    How do you intend using your genesis points?

    I'm loving all of the replies lol. definitely keeping it in the bank, letting it accumulate. we hodl and hodl
  10. MissPuppy

    Buy or wait?

    trying to get some bitcoin but its ironic how this exchange I'm using is asking for almost half of what I'm buying i tried to get verification with coinbase but i haven't gotten any response yet sigh. anyways, buy and hodl during the bloodbath !
  11. MissPuppy

    (XRP) Ripple making a mockery of our crypto world

    i feel the same way but I'm neutral. lately some new investors have this sheep mentally where they put and invest into whatever coin influencers are recommending. I was like that too. lots of youtubers like trevor james were promoting ripple.
  12. cointree allows exactly that, usually they need to verify your ID. i recommend using your passport or driver's license. Now is a good time too btw especially with how bloody the market is now! If you prefer paypal, I know there's this site called pecun.io , they allow you to buy their coins and a few other alt coins with paypal. i've never used it before tho, so i don't know much about the system sadly
  13. MissPuppy

    Dump and Pump in crypto

    you should look at pac coin and tron's chart on coinmarketcap. the recent price increase a few weeks ago with those two coins is an example of a pump and dump.
  14. MissPuppy

    Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018

    i want to say 50K. January has been pretty slow though... it'll pick its pace up on after this month i hope