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  1. adreman23

    What happens when I lower the gas fees

    it makes your transaction long because you set your gas in low before miners validate and execute your transaction.
  2. adreman23

    Quick Weekly Update - March 26

    always supporting genesis project. I believe soon it will be great .
  3. adreman23

    Why is Bitcoin not called an altcoin

    Because Bitcoin is the Father of all altcoins. The first crypto invented by satoshi nakamoto. Then next to this other coins are created and those are the coins we call altcoins or alternative coins.
  4. welcome to genesis thats all i say thank you ?.
  5. adreman23

    Ethereum prediction for the first quarter of 2018

    your predictions are true. ethreum almost touch 1000$ now maybe tommorow will reach 1k dollar.
  6. adreman23

    Hi newbie here

    go to menu then store - referral
  7. adreman23

    Hi Everyone!

    hello welcome to genesis forum enjoy your stay ?
  8. adreman23

    Addicted to Cryptocurrencies

    yes im addictive in crypto. Learning while earning and i found it was good.
  9. adreman23

    Type of Game

    i play only 1 game clash of clan.
  10. adreman23

    Ethereum prediction for the first quarter of 2018

    eth is congested again with pending transactions. if not fix investors will dump their coin i think.
  11. adreman23

    What Altcoins are you invested in?

    i invested in ethereum and seeking for good and legit coin to invest. One is genesis coin and others are litecoin, bch and btg.
  12. my entries *1st picture is for desktop cover photo *2nd picture is for mobile cover photo *3rd picture is for profile picture
  13. adreman23

    Introduce Yourself!

    hello im russel, from Philippines. Avid fun of genesis since day 1. Im happy to know genesis has build this forum for genesis community and its my honor to belong. We knew now that genesis team has long term goal and great plan for the best improvement of genesis coin. This is the solid proof by creating this forum. As a member of community i will do my best to support this project. I will abide rules and regulations of forum. My wish all we luck and genesis coin to the moon!