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  1. euclid

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    @tennesseeJedEYE, the world won't be the same 3-5 years from now or even less because of the seemingly impossible things blockchain technology will do. Hope we'll still chat by then and look back. I'm interested with the Ontology project you mentioned above. That caught my attention because I studied Social Science and Philosophy. What's the website? Lemme' explore.
  2. euclid

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    LeeMac, I was late for the CryptoGalaxy snapshots. Are you waiting for Gala? Where can we buy? Or they still have to do crowdsales?
  3. euclid

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    Thanks for sharing, tennesseeJedEYE. Looks like NEO knows how to court its investors. I wonder if NEO would build an alliance with the Eth Network someday to lessen gas fees. Is it possible and expedient for both parties to have smart contracts exclusively for gas services or there are technical limitations that will hurdle partnerships. I'm looking at how things are evolving in our crypto worlds. Maybe someday, some coins will just keep merging their technologies to deliver services better. I heard that ETU is a product of Eth and EOS. Let's peruse that.
  4. euclid

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    Glad you shared that, LeeMac. I'll check the NEON wallet if that also offers free gas. Zeepin allows its investors to store tokens on NEON. Here's why ZPT (Zeepin token) is amazing ------ https://www.zeepin.io/#feature I'm an admirer of new great coins. I love ZPT, Coinstarter, Walletours, SAT, WZI and of course, GEN.
  5. euclid

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    How can we claim FREE GAS, LeeMac? Haha. I wasn't aware I had free gas to claim. I love scrutinizing details but I have some limitations. I sold some NEO to buy Cryptokitties last New Year's eve. Funny how all of them were into the occasion and I was in my room waiting for the kitties to give birth. Neo's movement is impressive. Each Neo was only 60 something dollars or so last January. I love some new utility tokens in the market today. We have yet to wait for those to deliver first.
  6. euclid

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    I dunno if it's just technical error or something else. One moment I can log in, the next moment I can't. That happens very often. Scary. What if we deposit and then suddenly we can't log in without any reason at all. Projects with smart contracts with established networks have competitive edge because investors have assurance that coins can be stored in external wallets. Other crypto projects that are not dependent with established networks still have chances to succeed if they make sure they have perfect technology so investors don't have reasons to withdraw support
  7. euclid

    Bitcoin Millionaire

    I know a beggar who had hundreds of BTC. Sigh bitcoin stories. He gambled all of those when bitcoin was only 20 dollars each. The whales believed in the predictions about bitcoin. tennesseeJedEYE, if you jumped in last year, you're never a loser at all
  8. euclid

    Bitcoin Millionaire

    Rule number 1: Never ever admit that you're a millionaire.
  9. euclid

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    Ripple and Omni are the friendliest coins to a lot of banks and established financial institutions. These two coins are gonna win in the battle between fiat and crypto currencies. Don't forget Gen coin. I bet the price will skyrocket soon. Why? Relevant project, great team and low total supply.
  10. The total supply is very low and the project is super stunning and relevant. No reason for its price not to skyrocket soon. I believe in this great project. We need to buy a lot of coins now.
  11. euclid

    Guide to Genesis Wallets & Storing Your GEN

    Metamask is a heaven. MEW is a hell. I hate it with all my might. I'm interested with hardware wallets. Options?
  12. euclid

    Genesis Forum Rank Discussion

    Oh, thanks for all these details. I love what I'm seeing. I'm a contributor and when I saw some people with the rookie rank prior to reading this, I wanted the same rank. Haha. I agree with prioritizing the ranking system because it confers justice to those who got here earlier to spend precious time, energy, heart, mind and soul for the polishing of thoughts so the project would soar to the zenith. With regards to the limitation of editing posts, I'm a little uncomfortable with this. I had to edit a post and I couldn't. I never wanted to create a duplicate so what I did was, I edited it on another post and added alleged substantial comment (alleged because that's a subjective judgment) so that it would never be unfair to the community if I would get 5 Gens for that. Besides, I really had to clarify something on that post. The editing part was just an add on, not the main thing. I'm afraid though that some might abuse that. There should be sufficient and regulatory framework for that because not everyone will come here to be mindful of adding value to discussions and would just carry on with grabbing coins. About signatures, mine are not blinking or anything of that sort so I decided to just hide those. My signatures appeared as usual web addresses. Not clickable at all.
  13. Keep an eye on Upcoin. That's a new trading site that makes conversions of cryptos to fiat currencies and vice versa extremely easy. It's starting to establish a very strong customer base. Keep in mind though that keeping money on trading sites involves risks so study the multi-faceted and multi-layered variables you have to study to protect your digital assets
  14. euclid

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, Jackson. Hello, everyone. Nice to be here. I'm Euclid from Euclid Elements. That's where I got my name. It is the book that explains the greatest mathematical, philosophical and scientific truths. If you've read the whitepaper of Bitcoin, you would notice that Satoshi's discovery of cryptography is pretty much anchored on his profound understanding of the axioms and postulates expounded on Euclid's Book of Elements. I'm from realms of Social Science and Philosophy.
  15. Amazing manifestations of the growth of the community, Jackson. I got surprised when I logged back in. The ranking system has significantly improved. I love it so much. The brain/brains that conceptualized that deserves/deserve thunderous applause. I agree with giving more benefits and privileges to the founders and early supporters of the forum because without these people, the great ideas that give birth to what the community is right now wouldn't come to the fore. Besides, that would be a compelling reason for outsiders to jump in as early as now. The airdrop is an amazing move. I observe that the most enthusiastic crypto growers hear music whenever "airdrop" is mentioned. I hope the existing members will not be excluded to avoid some issues with territoriality which is a major sociological issue in group dynamics