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  1. 5 coins to buy in FEB

    Ripple and Omni are the friendliest coins to a lot of banks and established financial institutions. These two coins are gonna win in the battle between fiat and crypto currencies. Don't forget Gen coin. I bet the price will skyrocket soon. Why? Relevant project, great team and low total supply.
  2. The total supply is very low and the project is super stunning and relevant. No reason for its price not to skyrocket soon. I believe in this great project. We need to buy a lot of coins now.
  3. Guide to Genesis Wallets & Storing Your GEN

    Metamask is a heaven. MEW is a hell. I hate it with all my might. I'm interested with hardware wallets. Options?
  4. Genesis Forum Rank Discussion

    Oh, thanks for all these details. I love what I'm seeing. I'm a contributor and when I saw some people with the rookie rank prior to reading this, I wanted the same rank. Haha. I agree with prioritizing the ranking system because it confers justice to those who got here earlier to spend precious time, energy, heart, mind and soul for the polishing of thoughts so the project would soar to the zenith. With regards to the limitation of editing posts, I'm a little uncomfortable with this. I had to edit a post and I couldn't. I never wanted to create a duplicate so what I did was, I edited it on another post and added alleged substantial comment (alleged because that's a subjective judgment) so that it would never be unfair to the community if I would get 5 Gens for that. Besides, I really had to clarify something on that post. The editing part was just an add on, not the main thing. I'm afraid though that some might abuse that. There should be sufficient and regulatory framework for that because not everyone will come here to be mindful of adding value to discussions and would just carry on with grabbing coins. About signatures, mine are not blinking or anything of that sort so I decided to just hide those. My signatures appeared as usual web addresses. Not clickable at all.
  5. Keep an eye on Upcoin. That's a new trading site that makes conversions of cryptos to fiat currencies and vice versa extremely easy. It's starting to establish a very strong customer base. Keep in mind though that keeping money on trading sites involves risks so study the multi-faceted and multi-layered variables you have to study to protect your digital assets
  6. Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, Jackson. Hello, everyone. Nice to be here. I'm Euclid from Euclid Elements. That's where I got my name. It is the book that explains the greatest mathematical, philosophical and scientific truths. If you've read the whitepaper of Bitcoin, you would notice that Satoshi's discovery of cryptography is pretty much anchored on his profound understanding of the axioms and postulates expounded on Euclid's Book of Elements. I'm from realms of Social Science and Philosophy.
  7. Crypto Domains For Sale

    Hi, Alvi. I was exploring and trying to find great products. Our site could be a super great online store. The customer base is composed of crypto enthusiasts and would soon be composed of both crypto experts and crypto curious who would be interested to learn the basics of digital revolution. It will work for the advantage of the community to include buying and selling of reference links on the store. More details are on my conversation with Lee Mac on this thread ---
  8. Crypto Domains For Sale

    I'm already seeing 404. Is the site under reconstruction?
  9. Amazing manifestations of the growth of the community, Jackson. I got surprised when I logged back in. The ranking system has significantly improved. I love it so much. The brain/brains that conceptualized that deserves/deserve thunderous applause. I agree with giving more benefits and privileges to the founders and early supporters of the forum because without these people, the great ideas that give birth to what the community is right now wouldn't come to the fore. Besides, that would be a compelling reason for outsiders to jump in as early as now. The airdrop is an amazing move. I observe that the most enthusiastic crypto growers hear music whenever "airdrop" is mentioned. I hope the existing members will not be excluded to avoid some issues with territoriality which is a major sociological issue in group dynamics
  10. Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018

    This was my statement last Febuary 5, this still is... "Bitcoin went back to its price last November. Ultra significant revolutionary slip. Remember though that it had a descending trajectory in 2011 - $32 to $2. But there was no persistent network congestion then and bitcoin was never being challenged by countless ERC20 utility tokens." On the other side of the fence... If the bitcoin network would cease being congested, the support base would stay unshakeable. Would the bitcoin whales succumb to defeat? I doubt it. They would assert the dominance of bitcoin. They have the power to negotiate with different trading sites to limit pairs in a way that fiat currencies would be converted first to bitcoin before people could get utility tokens. The power dynamics wouldn't be an easy thing to instrospect. The price of bitcoin in Q4 2018 would defend on how the support base and the outsiders would behave within the next few months. It might reach $25,000 if things would be favorable to the coin. Otherwise, it would be an unexpected slight bag holding for a significant number of investors
  11. Low to high

    The most relevant question is ---- What really is the competitive edge of bitcoin? The obvious dip during the holidays was allegedly necessary for the coin to reach another all time high. That was pure speculation. The actual utility of bitcoin is not very impressive compared to other altcoins that can really be used to exchange for actual products and services. But if bitcoin would retain and strengthen its networks, that would remain unbeatable. Imagine if all crypto projects would involve bitcoin in multiple ways. The collective perception of businesses and people will determine the price. Will people still find it expedient to involve bitcoin? We'll see. House Panda, a project of NVIDIA, the number 1 company when it comes to Artificial Intelligence is claiming that its supercomputer will predict future crypto prices. Let's keep an eye on that. This is never an endorsement, I'm just willing to scrutinize different concepts and ideas. If the project would have substantial justification for their claim or if the project would be successful, it would definitely help the whole crypto market
  12. Why is Bitcoin not called an altcoin

    OMG. Sorry for the typos. I just read my post again because I was notified that there's a reply. The option to edit is not available! End of the world. Hahaha! Here's my edited post: Because bitcoin is universally declared as the first cryptocurrency that was discovered on the blockchain (I'm saying through the blockchain because there are already other scientific discoveries that assert that cryptos can be made on the satellites) All the rest are considered as alternative coins (altcoins). What's interesting to discuss is the power dynamics that play now to challenge bitcoin as the crypto superstar. The competition of cryptos is already on the zenith. Every network wants to be number 1 and there are countless strategies to win. That now is the ultimate issue. I wish one of the admins or mods would delete my previous post. _________ Xindoa, it's interesting how the pioneer bitcoin plays a role in different crypto projects. What can you say about the movements of bitcoin these days? Will that be defeated by an altcoin/utility token? What coin has the potential to defeat bitcoin? For what reason? Thanks
  13. 16K Genesis points GIVEAWAY

    Thank you, Llyfee. Where can we check the total number of contributors? Let's multiply that many times over. We need figure things out together. We have some new suggestions about how to help our community circulate Gens in a way that's both beneficial for everyone. There are interesting discussions about that.
  14. LOL giveaway

    I never had the chance. I was so sleepy when I participated. Tendo said he likes cool comments. Cbob probably had the best reply. Congratulations, Cbob! Lesson learned: Sleep deprivation is next to poverty. LOL. Hahahaha! You can have all the coins in the universe but without LOL in your wallet, you're poor. Does that already make me another winner, Tendo? Haha
  15. Genesis online shop

    Web shop, crypto community, advertising platform for advertisers and costumers...we already have a huge part of the world in our fingertips. Let's add more. I wish we could have a partnership with Sensay because I consider that one of the amazing projects in the entire universe. Check it out, so precious. Its relevance is on the zenith.