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  1. Godson

    Genesis store

    I need help with how to shop in genesis store,how can I get genesis coins.
  2. Godson

    How do I know good airdrop

    I joined cryptocurrency since December but I didn't receive any airdrop from numerous forms that I filled. But lately I discovered that most forms are not legit. But I want to learn how to acknowledge real airdrop
  3. Godson

    Genesis store

    I submitted my address but I didn't receive coins
  4. Godson


    The issue is that am new in that platform, approved 2days ago but everything seems confusing
  5. Godson


    My steemit: https://steemit.com/@bestbaby
  6. Godson

    Bokoharam And Herdsmen

    It is no longer in news the emergence of this cannibals but the terror they have brought to my country Nig...people are dying everyday under the attack of these terrorists, just to make matters worse the so called herdsmen began their own terror. destroying people's farm,kidnapping and killing road travellers.
  7. Godson


    I have not seen any uploaded pictures and likes in this community and I want to know if it's against the forum
  8. Godson

    About ETHEREUM

  9. As the saying goes "no food for a lazy man "
  10. As the saying goes "no food for a lazy man "
  11. Godson

    Genesis store

    Oh am much relieved.thankx for ur response
  12. Godson

    Genesis store

    I bought coins but I didn't see it in My mew
  13. Godson


    I started cryptocurrency 2weeks ago and everything I am seeing looks strange. Getting help n guide will be valuable.
  14. Godson

    cryptocurrency to invest on this 2018

    As a newbie in cryptocurrency, I take serious any advice I get from here.
  15. Godson

    Would you go on a blind date?

    I don't advise a lady to go on a blind date. Things could get out of hand
  16. Godson

    Technology knowhow

    I appreciate this information because it has helped understand many things.thank u
  17. Godson

    This genesis bank im liking it right now

    Pls are trying to say that the tokens grow with interest when it is left in the bank?
  18. Like, retweet and tweet all done @chukwuj62626565
  19. Godson

    Whats up now 2018?

    Lets go out there and tell our friends about these great community. It has got this day everyone's desire "coin". And am positive that we can take this community to a better place
  20. Godson


    Pls which section can YouTube videos be found
  21. Godson

    Game or airdrop?

    The truth is that I love playing my games but I have deleted some when I needed space to download crypto apps.... Airdrop for me
  22. Godson

    Type of Game

    I play dota2
  23. Godson


    Yes... Kind of.
  24. Godson

    Genesis Reward Points off topic

    I suggest introduce yourself points should be given to newbies alone
  25. Godson

    Genesis online shop

    I agree on this,the community store will be patronised with our gene coins. This will go a long way to speak for the community itself