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  1. peter55

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Hmm that's very wise of you femi
  2. I also couldn't finish the game
  3. peter55

    WWE - Tell your favorite Wrestler

    Brock Lesnar the beast Posted 2 hours ago Brock Lesnar
  4. peter55

    favorite American celebrity

    Drake he is cool and natural
  5. peter55


    Mine is How to train a dragon 1 and 2
  6. peter55

    Be motivated

    You are a motivator God bless you
  7. peter55

    Cryptokitties VS Hashpuppies

    Hmm that's true arcrypto
  8. No my brother you are correct Posted 8 hours ago Hustling for money so that you will be able to talk where your mates are
  9. peter55


    Please can you talk more on vib coins
  10. peter55

    Addicted to Cryptocurrencies

    I am so so addicted to cripto currency that I can't even sleep at night
  11. peter55

    Scorum Coin (SCR)

    My God this is wonderful, thanks alot
  12. peter55


    Yea me too it's my first time
  13. peter55

    Crypto news

    I get mine from a famous group on whatsapp
  14. peter55

    Books and Author

    Think big by Ben Carson Posted 8 hours ago Think and grow rich by napoloum hills
  15. peter55

    cafe racer ckub

    This is beautiful it's just like the bike in GTA Grand Theft Auto