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  1. Token.master08

    I reallt need some help in waves

    Hi sir jackson sorry but i dont know the meaning of altcoins all i know is its all a cryptocurrency token Can you further explain it to us ?
  2. Token.master08

    Been a month

    Before i start doing airdrops, then hold the token until it gets a high price or until it gets to the moon, but the good technique is not just hold the token you have, play with your token, i did risky things like selling and buying the same token through that i gain to increase my token quantity and sometimes i also loss in bid, so it depends on how you will take a risk. Do a lot of airdrops, then learn the market then play with the market. That is what i learn and now im targetting to join some ICO. After i get earn lot of funds.
  3. Token.master08

    Airdrop help

    Hi sir jackson asking for permission ro post regarding airdrop For beginners who wants to find channel for airdrop you check this telgram channel https://t.co/t2SlNbRZy7 Its been a good help to me when i start doing some airdrops a good and legit channel is better foundation for all starters
  4. Token.master08

    Been a month

    Its been a month ive been busy in other crypto, in buy and sell of other tokens, ive been out of this forum for a while, for almost 4 weeks i learn to buy and sell in the market , see the changes of price of tokens, been doing a lot of airdrops , boUnties and sign ups And to what i learn we can earn in full time in cryptocurrency so guys better to learn more everytime
  5. Token.master08

    Crypto acting like a drug

    Hahaha yeah right Thats one thing i love in crypto you get more focus on fruitfull things hahahha
  6. Token.master08

    Crypto acting like a drug

    If crypto is a medicine then im surely one of the addicts of it. crypto change mindset of a person, like me it leads me to good opportunities and focus on better goals. Anyone here who is certified crypto addict?
  7. Token.master08

    Whats up now 2018?

    So here we are in genesis forum 2018 whats next is it moontime for us holders? So what do you thinks guys ? Any thoughts to help our genesis team?
  8. Token.master08

    Genesis bank over spending account

    Thanks for the info sir nefarious
  9. Token.master08

    Genesis bank over spending account

    Hi sir jackson is there any refferal promo for this forum?
  10. Token.master08

    What is gwei in etherdelta??

    Anyone here know what is gwei on etherdelta? What it is for ? I cant transact in etherdelta need some help guys
  11. Token.master08

    Suggestion: Voting bounty on Mercatox!

    When gen is listed to other exchange its price will surely pump up
  12. Token.master08

    Fake airdrop

    I think due to higher tax fee and congestion, many projects are now fake specially in the airdrops Fill up lot of forms but in the ens no token to received
  13. Token.master08

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi its been a month before i joined in this forum but i havent introduce myself Im Mark Genesis Gañac from philippines i been into cryptocurrency last november 2017, still a beginner and want to learn more specially in this forum
  14. Token.master08

    Genesis bank over spending account

    Thanks for the info sir
  15. Token.master08

    Genesis bank over spending account

    Hi sir how to see the interest i can get in my genesis bank?