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  1. Madamjoy

    Dump and Pump in crypto

    I appreciate your response
  2. Madamjoy

    Refferal link

    Thank you for your response
  3. Madamjoy

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Not seem but it's outrageous
  4. Madamjoy

    Bokoharam And Herdsmen

    Is too bad that am from this country!
  5. On genesis store I look out for genesis coin.
  6. Madamjoy

    Earn Free Genesis Points By Helping Out Our Friends Over at LOL

    All thanks to a lovely friend that introduced me to this community. Am new here but I have many reasons to refer my friends
  7. Madamjoy

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone I am from Nigeria
  8. Madamjoy

    Life after Death

    It has remained a mystery that I need to unravel
  9. Madamjoy


    I have not been able to post anything since I registered
  10. Madamjoy

    Government and politics

    What system of government would you prefer better?
  11. Madamjoy

    Bricks game

    My childhood game is bricks
  12. Madamjoy

    Candy Crush Saga

    Candy crush my bae
  13. Madamjoy

    Game or airdrop?

    This is actually what has happened to me... No more time for my lovely candy crush saga
  14. Madamjoy

    Candy crush

    Any candy crush game either saga or others makes my days