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  1. Is it possible to buy crypto using dollars?

    If you are looking to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with dollars, I think Coinbase would be the best if it's open in your country.
  2. 16K Genesis points GIVEAWAY

    1. Liked the post 2. Retweeted 3. Posted in crypto group.
  3. 16K Genesis points GIVEAWAY

    Is this still open?
  4. Who is your favorite tennis player?

    Nadal is my all time favourite
  5. Nice Project of Genesis

    Genesis will hit 10K users in the next few months
  6. Introduce Yourself!

    Hello every one My name is Genesis boy and I am from India
  7. Bitcoin

    We all hope BITCOIN will soon be caught up by Ripple, the next cryptocurrency surging in price and taking on the markets.
  8. Life after Death

    The after life is the belief that an essential part of an individual's identity....I think our spirit is just like a smoke
  9. New Year

    Happy new year to all genesis forum family
  10. HAppy New Year!

    Thank you, wish you the same
  11. HAppy New Year!

    Happy new year 2018
  12. Introduce Yourself!

  13. Badminton

  14. eSports

    It's more of virtual sports
  15. Soccer/Football

    Football is my favourite game