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  1. sorin90

    Low to high

    Seems that it's doing that. I think all the cryptos will not start to raise
  2. sorin90

    Bitcoin worst monthly decline

    I think yesterday was the first yet, it seems that most of the coins are regaining their prices and I hope the dip is over
  3. sorin90

    Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018

    I still think bitcoin has a nice future, so I think it can easily reach 35000$, and I hope I am right
  4. sorin90

    TRIG Giveaway!

    yes. this one is a new one. But i;m still intrested in the rules and how are the winners elected. last time I tough we all get lol
  5. sorin90

    TRIG Giveaway!

    cbob was the winner at the other one. not this one
  6. sorin90

    Worth of Gen

    It seems that it's also on yobit
  7. sorin90

    Suggestions for GEN in Next exchange

    Can't anymore
  8. sorin90

    why the ETh fee increase

    Because the price of eth is encreasing
  9. sorin90

    what kind of coin would take over ether?

    there are new coins born almost every day so you have a lot to chose from. I think there are a few that could take his place, and I think that coins with good devs, anonimity and low fee with be the future
  10. sorin90

    Ethereum Sale

    I think the eth price still has potential to raise, so I think it could be a good choice to keep it
  11. sorin90

    the eth fee is increasing very fast

    Well you can think it is also good since the fee is increasing with the price raise
  12. sorin90

    BITCOIN WHITE New side chain

    thx for the info. I haven't heard about this coin, yet.
  13. sorin90

    POW Token Lite (34,500 next allocation) Free

    you are really promoting this a lot. I made an account but I don;t know how to withdraw
  14. sorin90

    TRIG Giveaway!

    How is the winner elected?