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  1. bank account

    so it's paid once every month?
  2. Buy or wait?

    If you want to buy some these days would have been great and the following ones. I don;t think the bitcoin will drop more then this.
  3. bank account

    How does the bank work. A while ago I tough I got interest on the coins but I didn't Now I checked my balance again and I still didn't get the interest. I have all my coins in the bank.
  4. Gen coins

    I don't think that is possible at the moment. Maybe after more progress. but for now smaller exchanges will be better and easier to get on
  5. Genesis online shop

    I agree. An online store with good prices will make the genesis coin more used. Also you could make an online store that accepts genesis coin as well as USD or other cryupto. this will make free publicity.
  6. what the price?

    That would be very nice, but we still have a long way to go to reach that. could you tell us where did you find it? or did you made a speculation?
  7. Government and politics

    A new one. The ones that already exist or existed, have failed or are corrupted. Or a rue and real democracy or meritocracy.
  8. Hello

    the forum is still at the begining but it's pretty nice here. lots of different topics and ppl seem to try to be helpful
  9. Suggestion: Voting bounty on Mercatox!

    this will be a good thing to do. but not all the members could vote there since you will have to make a deposit in order to vote
  10. Hello

    hi. welcome to the community
  11. From Nigeria

    welcome and have a good stay here
  12. Banned!

    And from what I understand there are a lot of people that get their accounts hacked. I do like that community a lot, but this is a real minus on their behalf
  13. Ethereum high fees & slow transactions incoming?

    I hope not, but seeing what happened to the BTC it's very probably. hopefully it will not get there.
  14. Eth is surprising me

    It will all depend on what happens after the fork. I understood that this month there will be an eth based fork.
  15. Scary facebook profile you've come across

    doesn't seem to be that scary. I recall I once saw an account that was a little scary with a guy that posted his wounds(pretty sever ones) and another one with a guy like a scheleton or something like that.