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    The magic of technology

    Technology has always made wonders and got us awestruck by the magic it creates. There was dot com revolution back in 2000 and now the block-chain revolution in 2017. There is also a dark side to technology since there is massive uncertainty in what happens in the near future. What do you think? Is technology a boon or a bane?
  2. Heya guys! I'm actually looking to invest my time, resources, knowledge and money into platforms and forums which promote knowledge sharing. Do you know any token based platforms such as Genesis which are promising?
  3. arcrypto


    I had been an active field hockey player till last year after which I got busy with my college. Is there anyone here who plays hockey or watches hockey? Do let me know who's your favourite player. My all-time favourite is Dhyan Chand from India
  4. I have been lately addicted to cryptocurrencies so much that I'm investing my full time to cryptos. I'm working hard supporting promising platforms which need early backers. Are you addicted to crypto-world too?
  5. arcrypto

    Achain ( NEXT NEO)?

    Whizhorlar! Oh you are here?? Wow, admin of Achain Telegram. Welcome mate! I'm happy with Achain's ACT
  6. arcrypto

    You Can No Longer Send Genesis Points To Another User

    Wow, the developer pays attention to everything suggested by the community. This was a much needed move to keep the gold-diggers at bay.
  7. Just checked it out on the exchange. Exciting times ahead
  8. arcrypto

    Cryptokitties VS Hashpuppies

    Cryptokitties has been a great boost to Ethereum blockchain till now. Hashpuppies is a new idea on the Neo blockchain which looks like a replica of the Cryptokitties. Do you think the new project will be successful and boost the Neo network?
  9. arcrypto

    Has anyone been to Japan?

    I have always been fantasised by the Japanese technology when I was young. As I grew up, I fell in love with their culture which is why I'm planning to go to Japan this summer. Has anyone been to Japan already? How are the people there and how was your overall Japan experience?
  10. arcrypto

    EtherBTC Airdrop

    FREE TOKEN ALERT! Receive FREE EtherBTC! I just registered for the EtherBTC 2018 Airdrop and you can, too! Go to https://etherbtc.io today!
  11. arcrypto

    Ethereum 2.0

    Nice dad!
  12. arcrypto

    Bitcoin Fork

    I do not understand the concept of forking. I see lot of Bitcoin Forks appear from nowhere such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin God and what not! So, how is this forking done? Is there someone who regulates the authenticity of these forks since we trust in Bitcoin and not in forks (unless developed with a clear whitepaper by a great team) Lastly, why do all bitcoin holders get the same amount of the newly created fork coins for free?
  13. arcrypto

    Steam Winter Sale is live

    Oh no!
  14. arcrypto

    Earn Free Genesis Points By Helping Out Our Friends Over at LOL

    Have you sent the points to everyone? If at all you missed me out, here's my twitter handle : @arcrypto1
  15. arcrypto

    Reply button to a comment on any topic

    Got it! Thank you for your reply
  16. Hello again @Jackson_Genesis! I have another suggestion for you. Whenever we are replying to any comment, we can quote it which is a very good thing but my comment goes to the bottom of the page which decreases the engagement. Instead can we directly reply to a comment under it? Just to make things clear, The present interface looks something like this : START OF TOPIC Comment 1 Comment 2 : Quoted the Topic and replied Comment 3 Comment 4 : Quoted comment 1 and replied (Which is actually lost and mixed in other comments) The proposed interface should look like this : START OF TOPIC Right under the topic : We should have a new button with reply 1st comment ........1st reply to first comment ............2nd reply to first comment 2nd comment . . so on.. -- Arcrypto
  17. arcrypto

    Beginner's hangout

    Take time to learn as much as possible from posts that are already present in this forum. Later on, you can post a topic here if you need any help from The Genesis Community
  18. arcrypto

    Reply button to a comment on any topic

    Thanks for your view! I suggested it since I felt it would be a lot easier to navigate for us. Anyways let's see what the developer and the other community members feel
  19. arcrypto

    Reply button to a comment on any topic

    Thank you @llyfee Have a good day!
  20. arcrypto

    Crypto news

    I rely mostly on bitcointalk.org too and keep myself active in crypto-groups on Telegram and Facebook
  21. arcrypto

    What Altcoins are you invested in?

    Till date, I have invested in BTC, ETH, BCH, XVG, XRP, ACT, SBD. I have got a few ACT tokens, Steem, Steem backed dollars and Sols Most of these are doing good in the market!
  22. arcrypto

    Stellar Coin

    I missed out on Stellar Lumens airdrop and I regret it now
  23. arcrypto

    Eth is surprising me

    ETH has always been promising, so the price rise did not really surprise me. ETH might rise upto around $1350 by April 2018
  24. arcrypto

    Ether's ever high price

    I'm sure ETH would surpass Ripple to take 2nd place since the lead developer team is doing a great job out there.
  25. arcrypto

    Bitcoin Fork

    Perfect! That answers my question of why coin holders get their share in the newly created fork. Thanks for you reply. Will look forward to your detailed response. Good day!