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  1. munareal

    Bitcoin Competitors

    Why do all coins (altcoins) want to compete with bitcoin ?
  2. munareal

    ICO Contest Review and Earn in ETH

    Contest for the best ICO projects review is ongoing at ICOList.guru. There is a reward of 0.025 ETH for each review with a bonus of 0.3 ETH for the top 20 reviews.The reviews are made on current and upcoming ICO. Simply sign up on the forum and post your ICO review on the ICO Discussion section on the platform. The rules are simply: Do not plagiarize, minimum of 2000 characters with detailed information about the ICO . Post the link to your review including your personal ETH wallet .Payment is made within 24 hours if all rules are adhere to. For more information on contest .Visit the forum: https://icolist.guru/d/31-upd-contest-for-unique-reviews-of-ico-320-eth-more-0-025-eth-for-review
  3. munareal

    Bear Market

    There is no sure way to predict market trends
  4. Do you hold crypto currencies in exchange wallets when you are not trading? If yes for how long ?
  5. munareal

    Bitcoin protocol

    What is your understanding of bitcoin protocol.
  6. coinbase , gemini,Kraken, Bitstamp and much more
  7. munareal

    Ethereum Mining Profitability

    Is Ethereum mining more profitable than Bitcoin mining?
  8. Which investment will make you happier ? Investment in crypto currencies or fiat currencies?
  9. munareal

    Genesis Bounty Program Discussion Thread

    It will be nice to have an active social media bounties that will give more exposure to Genesis forum and bounty hunters earn points
  10. munareal

    KYC and Airdrops

    Some airdrop projects are asking people to upload their identification documents and selfie pic in other to qualify for their airdrop tokens. Share your thought on this development
  11. munareal

    Fiat currency or Bitcoin

    If given a choice to choose . Which one of the two will you choose . Cash or bitcoin .
  12. munareal

    Tiger Woods

    What have you got to say about him . Can he be great again?
  13. munareal

    Favorite Soccer Club

    Chelsea . Eden Hazard is my favourite
  14. munareal

    Did you Know

    You can earn Genesis Coins just by holding Genesis! All you need to do is keep your coins in your wallet and if you meet the threshold, you’ll receive interest based on your account balance! Click to learn more on website http://genesiscoin.io
  15. I like genesis coin because I earn while I learn about crypto currencies.I also like the forum because the forum's platform is user friendly and easy to navigate. Why do you like genesis coin?
  16. munareal

    Bitcoin Millionaire

    In recent times a lot of people have become millionaires with bitcoin or other crypto currencies. Are you a bitcoin millionaire?
  17. munareal

    Who is your favorite tennis player?

    Mine is Nadal for male and Serena for female
  18. munareal

    Bitcoin worst monthly decline

    The bitcoin price could be headed for its worst monthly decline since January 2015. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/31/bitcoin-is-heading-for-its-biggest-monthly-decline-since-january-2015.html
  19. munareal

    Genesis online shop

    If genesis coin can have an online shop where genesis coin is used to make payment on items purchased and items can be shipped to customer's destination . Crypto users will not only come and be part of the community but will exchange their other crypto coins to come and shop there.I know genesis coin is just starting but they can go into an arrangement or collaboration with an established shop for that purpose.
  20. munareal

    Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    Have joined
  21. munareal

    iam very sad about the market?

    You can not have your way with crypto currencies. The market can not be predicted and pump and dump investors are making it worst.Don't be sad its part of the fun.
  22. munareal

    Would you go on a blind date?

    Yes I will go on a blind date . You can never tell who you will met. May be your life partner.
  23. munareal

    Do you gamble

    Gambling is another way of getting crypto currencies of which we have many BTC gambling sites.Do you gamble ? Is your win more than your lost?
  24. munareal

    Ketogenic Lifestyle

    Can you live the rest of your life on high fat, low carbohydrates?
  25. munareal

    the eth fee is increasing very fast

    You do not have to go with the default gas price from your wallet when you make a transaction, you can set it lower . It will only take a longer time to get a confirmation