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  1. the eth fee is increasing very fast

    You do not have to go with the default gas price from your wallet when you make a transaction, you can set it lower . It will only take a longer time to get a confirmation
  2. Would you go on a blind date?

    Yes I will go on a blind date . You can never tell who you will met. May be your life partner.
  3. Ketogenic Lifestyle

    Can you live the rest of your life on high fat, low carbohydrates?
  4. Who is your favorite tennis player?

    Mine is Nadal for male and Serena for female
  5. Genesis online shop

    If genesis coin can have an online shop where genesis coin is used to make payment on items purchased and items can be shipped to customer's destination . Crypto users will not only come and be part of the community but will exchange their other crypto coins to come and shop there.I know genesis coin is just starting but they can go into an arrangement or collaboration with an established shop for that purpose.
  6. I like genesis coin because I earn while I learn about crypto currencies.I also like the forum because the forum's platform is user friendly and easy to navigate. Why do you like genesis coin?
  7. Bitcoin Supremacy

    Bitcoin is the only crypto currency that is accepted as a means of payment in online stores.Some people prefer to be paid their salary in bitcoin . Is there any other crypto currency that is treated like this?
  8. what is the best coin to buy and storage

    The best coin to buy and store for a long time or short time is bitcoin. At what ever price you buy and watch the market you are sure to make a profit. Its price is predicted to be a million dollars some day
  9. Dump and Pump in crypto

    Pump and dump goes with the economics theory of demand and supply. People buy low and sell higher for profit. A coin is pump when investors buy coins there by creating a huge or massive demand of that coin. A sudden increase in the demand of that coin makes the price goes up and then they dump it when the price is high for them to get profit. In stock investment Pump and dump are unaccepted and seen as unethical and illegal but in the crypto currency market it is legal and acceptable. Most pump and dump are done by a group of investors who are connected in a group where they share messages to their members on what coin to buy and when to sell them .Example telegram group channel is mostly used. An individual can also pump and bump coin by putting a sell order before buying the coins he wants to pump then he starts buying at low price while he has a sell order running.Pumping and dumping is unhealthy as it kills some coins.They never rise after being dumped. A lot of day traders make profit that way.
  10. Do you gamble

    Gambling is another way of getting crypto currencies of which we have many BTC gambling sites.Do you gamble ? Is your win more than your lost?
  11. Crypto news

    Where do you get your crypto currency news? I get mine from the cointelegraph.com, bitcointalk.org and I also surf the net a lot .
  12. Earn Free Genesis Points By Helping Out Our Friends Over at LOL

    Done @maijibkar
  13. Stellar Coin

    What do you know of the Stellar coin? Read that, it will be partnering with IBM and KlickEx to develop a blockchain based cross border payments solution proven to significantly reduce transaction costs and increase transaction speed and it is part of the top 10 crypto currencies base on market capitalization. https://coinmarketcap.com/coins/
  14. Ether's ever high price

    Ether has reached is ever high price of $934.99 today. Do you did it can display ripple and take over it's number 2 place?
  15. Cryptokitties VS Hashpuppies

    Cryptokitties Vs haspuppies is a good development because cryptokitties exposed ethereum weakness. Hashpupies will test Neo platform to see if it will be clogged like ethereum or if Neo network will handle it better.The project will do well for there are more dog lovers than cats.