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  1. Lawal001

    WWE - Tell your favorite Wrestler

    Lesner and Aj Styles
  2. Lawal001

    Ronaldo Vs Messi (who's the better best)

    I will go for Messi I just like that guy
  3. Lawal001

    Type of Game

    Simulation game. Like simcity buildit
  4. Lawal001

    Type of Game

    Simulation game. Like simcity buildit
  5. Lawal001

    The Most Difficult Game to have ever played

    Dead target was one of them
  6. Lawal001

    favorite American celebrity

    I love Migos. To me they are the best
  7. Lawal001

    Bokoharam And Herdsmen

    God will make everything easy for us in this country. And we pray to God that our leaders should find something to do as early as possible.
  8. Lawal001

    Do you gamble

    .i dont like gambling
  9. Lawal001

    Would you go on a blind date?

    No I can't go on a blind date
  10. Lawal001


    Naruto, one piece, seven deadly sin.
  11. Hustling for money us the best thing. In world of nowadays money will not come and meet you, you have to find money. That the way
  12. Lawal001

    Make a wish for yourself in 2018!

    I want to be successful in all my endeavour this year.
  13. Lawal001

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone, am Lawal from Nigeria. It's nice to be in this Genesis forum, watching anime movie and dancing is my hobby. Looking forward and upward to this great forum.