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  1. Ok boss... Kindly give me a reason please
  2. Thank you boss... Lord bless our hustle
  3. Banned!

    That is it... That's why everyone keep opening more account as soon as they are banned... There are really a lot to gain from the forum
  4. Banned!

    I was banned very well... And it's always permanently banned... I even paid on registration for the recent one... Still, not up to 4 days after... It got banned too
  5. Exhaustive Feelings

    That's our plea..... God make it so for us o
  6. Do you gamble

    Ok... Its very good boss..
  7. Me

    Welcome on board... Nice meeting you bro...
  8. Me

    You are highly welcome on board... Nice meeting you too....
  9. Hello

    Very very good, bro... We are very lucky to know about this... Can you tell some things you like about the forum?
  10. Hi First Msg Here form Hong Kong !

    Nice meeting you too.... Hope you're enjoying the community?
  11. From Nigeria

    I celebrate with you bro...You are very lucky to know about the forum
  12. Hi, DonJoe in here.

    So, I am too.... I am extremely glad to be here..
  13. HAppy New Year!

    Still not late.... Happy new year all.... Love you all
  14. Newbie

    Welcome crystal... Nice meeting you too... Welcome on board.. Happy staying, bro
  15. Show me some love, welcome me aboard

    You are highly welcome to this community..you will see this forum as the best.. That's all I will tell you because I don't talk too much