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  1. Mrphils

    how to get more token

    I thought as much if this kind of post would be allowed here
  2. Its cool... So many designs here.. People with different styles
  3. Mrphils


    Sorry... What's that afaik?? Is not etherdelta.com?
  4. Mrphils


    In case another Airdrop will come up from Genesis... How will we be notified?
  5. Mrphils

    You Can No Longer Send Genesis Points To Another User

    Its arrantly effective as is going to reduce the rate at which members abuse the forum
  6. Mrphils

    Genesis going live

    This thread was very helpful... But something still get me confused about that GEN bank
  7. Mrphils

    Do you understand Genesis Points & Bank? Q & A!

    What's the minimum amount I can transfer to the GEN bank? .. And when will it start increasing?... + can I directly transfer it to my ETH address from the GEN bank?
  8. Mrphils

    Gen coins

    This one that am seeing different exchanges... Is it not the same value it is at etherdelta that will also be at idex and others?
  9. Mrphils

    Genesis Reward Points off topic

    Lolss.... Hope you aren't referring to me....
  10. Mrphils

    I like genesis coin because ......

    Lolss... Funny you.. I know while going through the post, that I will see funny post like this..... Well, I love your idea.... You already have a vision about been rich through GEN.... I am with you jare
  11. Mrphils

    Make a wish for yourself in 2018!

    I wish to be financially free before this year runs out
  12. Mrphils

    How do you intend using your genesis points?

    HODL is the only hope for now till the value gets high
  13. Mrphils


    I followed you already.... Please do well to follow back
  14. Mrphils

    HELLO ALL :)

    Sure!!... It will be big when we that knows about it get those that have little or no knowledge about into the forum... Then it will be big
  15. Mrphils

    Hello everyone

    Hello, Oladapo... Nice meeting you.. Welcome on board