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  1. Chaz

    New Genesis Token - Have Your Say

    Hi admin / team , thanks for taking input from community I agree with genDave , try to keep total supply low , , market has been flooded with projects with billion coin supplies .. scares investors .
  2. Chaz


    Hi Dev?team , hope all is well , been away for awhile , was on http://genesiscoin.io/ website and noticed there is not a link to this forum listed there . Thanks you
  3. Chaz

    Forum Suggestions

    Thanks you , and yeah wasn't to sure about the exchanges suggestion maybe i can start a post with all the links in it ,if thats k ? i am a HODL'er so not really planning on trading my Gen , ,
  4. Chaz

    Forum Suggestions

    Hi , was thinking of some possible forum additions , Maybe adding a price ticker of current Gen price ,and total /current circulating amount ? ,Also maybe its possible to add links to established exchanges where Gen coins can be purchased ,and links to new upcoming and established exchanges where we can upvote Gen coin to be listed ? Sorry just some suggestions for possible addons ,
  5. Chaz

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    Hi , thanks for opportunity , Great project and team , Good luck everyone
  6. thanks you for updates , and all the hard work team has put into project so far , i know it will have a bright future .
  7. Chaz

    Guide to Genesis Wallets & Storing Your GEN

    thanks for the walk through , i been using Mew , for about an year , easy and convenient , like it , just to many phising sites , trying to scam users . so be careful use book mark
  8. Chaz


    good news , thanks you dev and team good job . Genesis to the moon
  9. Great job dev / team ,the forum is awesome happy to be part of this community , , excited about upcoming updates i know Genesis will have a bright future
  10. thanks for opportunities , and congrats to the valentine winner that was just announced @ErickArjun
  11. Chaz

    Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018

    Hi everyone , I think bitcoin will rally mid year to till the end of the year reaching 50k -60k by then . i think by mid February , which is now bitcoin will get back to 11-12 k , then gradually shark teeth back up higher.. , that what i think will happen , we ill see how it plays out .. i own no bitcoin sorry to say ,
  12. Chaz

    can anyone help me?

    Lots of good answers/advice , and i agree do your own research , don't get mislead and only invest what u can afford to loose , start with free airdrops/ bounties . lots of fakes one out there but they are free , just be careful the info you placed to fill out forms . .. crypto world is still like the wild west ... If you like can follow me on twitter , i usually research up and coming projects , that usually offer airdrops or bounties . Genesis is a good project/ crypto to own and hold . and we are fortunate we are getting some for free , at least i feel so . well good luck to you all , enjoy the roller coster ride of cryptos for january ,
  13. Chaz

    Guide to Genesis Wallets & Storing Your GEN

    Hi everybody I have been using My ether wallet for about year now , very easy to use , but lately they have been alot phishing sites , sites pretending to be myetherwallet , so always use a bookmark, even then might be still vulnerable and the team at myetherwallet is recommending now to use metamask. mist or ledger, trezor hardware wallets , cause they see the possible scams continuing . i would recommend getting use to several wallets..... , desktop wallets , like Exodus are real good i recommend , stores erc20 tokens and when new one comes out that is not on their list you can always view tokens thru etherscan ,
  14. Chaz

    Coin cash out

    thanks for info , was wondering that
  15. Chaz

    Bitcoin Fork

    Yes makes kinda sense , thanks for explanation , and making it easy for people to understand . There seems to be three or four forks in the month of January