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  1. Crypto CX-9

    February HODL Interest Support

    Thank you Jackson.
  2. Crypto CX-9

    February HODL Interest Support

    Good morning Jackson, we are hodlers of gen and did not receive our February Hodlers rewards, Our wallet address is 0xf4898f5dE9DdB9c818075F4a17e07d38e45bd90C .
  3. Crypto CX-9

    January HODL Program Interest

    Thank you Jackson we have received it.
  4. Crypto CX-9

    January HODL Program Interest

    good evening Jackson, we have yet to receive our January holders payment. 0xf4898f5dE9DdB9c818075F4a17e07d38e45bd90C Thank you in advance and have a great evening. 0.021
  5. Crypto CX-9

    Coins under 1$

    This is one project that we are looking forward to besides Genesis. With their ELT card set to release in February that will enable holders to use it for purchases directly converting ELT to fiat. Glad that you looked into it as well. We also belong to BLUE and see alot of holders of BLUE in ELT as well now.
  6. Crypto CX-9

    Coins under 1$

    ELTCOIN has a a couple of announcements coming out in January. They also have a secret suprise coming in january. It is selling between .03 and .04. There is alot of room to grow for this project with a supply of 100,000,000.
  7. Crypto CX-9

    What Altcoins are you invested in?

    We recently added ELTCOIN to our portfolio. With the ELtcard coming out in february this project looks promising as they are busy working on different ideas. We plan to keep adding Genesis to our portfilio also. This project looks to have an excellent dev team and a bright future. Keep up the good work.
  8. Crypto CX-9

    The Great Genesis Christmas Giveaway

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to the Genesis team and the Genesis community. We will take #12
  9. Crypto CX-9

    Security Intergration

    What about a security intergration with a token like BLUE? Unibanker is the dev and they are going to be using an SDK for wallets and exchanges to help detect scams and fradulant activity like phising sites. Find out more info either on their telegram at https://t.me/joinchat/HBDo00IO49STMJuIwJi08g or their website at https://www.etherblue.org/. Just a thought
  10. Crypto CX-9

    What Altcoins are you invested in?

    we have only been involved into crypto a short while and currently holding on top of GEN only alt coins. We hold BLUE, ETN, LIFE, XVG, BULLEON, HYPETV, and B3 as well as a couple random airdrop tokens. BLUE is a great security project that tokens can look into for their wallets and exchange platforms with their new SDK currently in BETA testing. GEN is a HODL for us as we are excited to see what the future brings for the coin and the community. Keep up the great work Dev team.
  11. Crypto CX-9

    Introduce Yourself!

    Good morning Genesis community.. We live a simple life spending our time learning more and more about crypto, and having family time going for walks, playing or watching movies. Love the Genesis project and look forward to its future and seeing the community grow with the coin. We are glad to be apart of this project and forum.