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  1. Amy002

    Bear Market

    When will this bear season end and pave way for a strong bull run.
  2. Amy002

    Hello Friends

    I am new in this forum so good to be here and show support for Gen.
  3. Amy002


    Can we create a telegram group for Gen and if there is one can someone drop the link. Thanks.
  4. Amy002

    Gen withdrawal

    Hello i have not been available for sometime please how can i withdraw my 310 gen to MEW
  5. Amy002

    Genesis Bounty Program Discussion Thread

    Nice project but it seems to me every thing is on a pause mood
  6. Any update yet on this guys
  7. Any moderator on this forum.
  8. Amy002

    April Update - What’s Going On and What’s Next?

    Any latest updates for this month
  9. Amy002

    2018 World Cup

    Who is winning this year world Cup in Russia.
  10. Amy002

    Altcoin announcement thread

    I love Gen's concept nice one dev.
  11. Amy002

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello greetings from the West.