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  1. Orlahyeahlay

    Hello from Nigeria

    Welcome on board and good to have you here as well
  2. Orlahyeahlay


    Every newbie need a mentor to train them to avoid being frustrated and leave the crypto world
  3. Orlahyeahlay


    When is Gen trading now and how much? Is there any other exchange that the dev is planning on listing this coin to drive this project?
  4. Orlahyeahlay

    Introduction :)

    Welcome on board
  5. Orlahyeahlay


    Welcome on board
  6. Orlahyeahlay


    Yes, thank you and what is the value of Gen coin now on etherdelta
  7. Orlahyeahlay


    Please on which market is Gen coin listed
  8. Orlahyeahlay


    It is good to hear this from you and do well to follow the conversations here
  9. Orlahyeahlay

    The coin

    Do you know anything about trident coin? Check it out. I hope Genesis will grow this way too
  10. Orlahyeahlay

    Nice Project of Genesis

    The more we talk and deliberate on this platform e can make this a better place
  11. Orlahyeahlay


    This sound so interesting but I will like to know more about trading not dashing me coin.
  12. Orlahyeahlay

    Way forward

    Okay...is there any suggestion regarding that yet?
  13. Orlahyeahlay

    Hi First Msg Here form Hong Kong !

    Welcome here... I hope you will learn new things here and get more involved with Genesis
  14. Orlahyeahlay

    Beginner's hangout

    Thank you. I am learning already and I am getting better by the day
  15. Orlahyeahlay


    Welcome on board, feel free to ask question and I am sure people here will be ready to assist