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    Ethereum Price Prediction for May 2018

    I feel like eth can go 900$ by the end of May ? Still hoping that it will cross the 1k mark in June
  2. Somasoma14

    What can you do to promote genesis forum?

    @Jackson_Genesis What do you think of partnering with ICOs conducting an airdrop? Let's say they will allot a certain number of tokens for our community. We can use it to get more members. We can put in the form that they need to join our forum in order to get that token and ofcourse at the same time they will be earning gen points for creating an account. That would be a win-win situation
  3. Somasoma14

    Share your Valentine's Day Stories and You Could Win 5000 GEN!

    Don't worry You will still meet him in the afterlife
  4. Somasoma14

    Low to high

    I read some articles that investors who failed to buy-in when bitcoin's price are still slow are now entering the scene. Also, some sites are publishing articles with title like Buy the dip, Don't buy the correction. Guess, this would influence alot of people to invest at this time. Also, the year is just starting. The time to collect and hold.
  5. Somasoma14

    First game you played

    As far as I can remember, the first game I played was Super Mario. It was when family computers are released :).
  6. Somasoma14

    New Forum Rank Names - Have Your Say

    Class E, D,C,B, A, and S Might sound funny, but being called Class S sounds good ?? Chess pieces' ranking system Page, Exwire, lower class, middle class, upper class, honorary member, arc member, paladin ??? Bitcointalk ranking system is good though Just want to put a theme on it ??
  7. Somasoma14

    myeh wallet warning

    ???? You nailed it! Yup, staying away is the best thing to do. Wait for their system to stabilize as well as people's experience on it. It's kinda hard to risk your hard earned eth for an unknown currency.
  8. Somasoma14

    What happens when I lower the gas fees

    It's fine. Always check this out before making a transaction https://ethgasstation.info
  9. Somasoma14

    Do you understand Genesis Points & Bank? Q & A!

    Point is equivalent to coin. You need the points in order to buy coins in the store. Gen points can also be used in other things like advertisement and participating in the lottery (for now). Just imagine, everytime you post, the administrator will send you out 5 gen coins. It will take a lot of work since this is a forum (not a blockchain). Thus, having a point system is more convenient. Also, check out the store, you can buy 4000 gen coins for 3499 points. Link about genesis points http://www.thegenesisforum.com/topic/11-introducing-genesis-points/
  10. Somasoma14


    Hey guys! I just joined steemit and i think it's good and it pays well Follow me and I will follow you back Upvote my post, I'll do same Let's help each others out! My steemit: https://steemit.com/@tatsu
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    Done ?
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    Done Mr. Phils, right?
  13. Somasoma14

    Buy or wait?

    Should we wait for bitcoin's price to decrease or should we buy now?
  14. Somasoma14

    Im New Member, I want to have GEN coins.

    You just need to be active. Reply constructive and on topic posts You can find all the information on how to get points and coins Here
  15. Somasoma14

    Type of Game

    What is the type of game you commonly play?
  16. Somasoma14

    Do you own Genesis Coins?

    Personally, I do own some genesis coins. I got it from the airdrop. I am still holding it 'cause I believe that genesis has a great future ahead. I think everyone can see it. All we need to do is wait and continue our support to this wonderful project
  17. Somasoma14

    Can the gas fee of ethereum really drop?

    The answer to your question is already answered The gas fee is now lower You can now make a transaction with 0.06$ Just make sure not to do it when eth is clogged ?
  18. Somasoma14

    Buy or wait?

    If you're asking for a concrete basis, I can not give you that. It was base solely from my instinct and the information I am hearing. Bitcoin holders will surely do something about it. All those people waiting for the dip are deciding to buy now. This means that the demand will certainly rise again thus, bitcoin's price will increase. As I am writing this, bitcoin hitted 10k$ again.
  19. Somasoma14

    Buy or wait?

    Today is the great time to buy some bitcoins!!! If you want alot of profit Best time to do it is now!
  20. Somasoma14

    Buy or wait?

    I think this is insane Since there a lot of altcoin that offers better service compared to bitcoin. 2018 is said to be as the year of crypto And crypto doesn't only pertain to bitcoin And at this rate, if bitcoin doesn't upgrade, it's only a matter of time before a new coin become the King.
  21. Somasoma14

    Updates on MyEtherWallet / BLUE

    I think there's a fake mew twitter that cause this accusation. I think some people are phished and thought it was from mew.
  22. Somasoma14

    Ethereum prediction for the first quarter of 2018

    Eth is upgrading. Don't get swayed. It might dip but it will recover. Still, it's your choice.
  23. Somasoma14

    Time interval

    @Jackson_Genesis I think you should put a certain time interval before one can post again to avoid spamming Also, if possible. Spam post should not be credited.
  24. Somasoma14

    cryptocurrency to invest on this 2018

    Check out snapcity Try to visit their website snapcity.io and watch the video I think this ico will be a beast this 2018 The project is crystal clear They already give a sneak peek of their app
  25. Somasoma14

    Ethereum prediction for the first quarter of 2018

    This march it will hit 2k$. Base solely from what I am seeing and the improvements they are making