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  1. megadriver

    The Most Difficult Game to have ever played

    There was one zombie shooter game I bought super cheap on steam which was impossible because of how badly made it was.
  2. megadriver

    Anyone still playing Pokemon Go?

    I played a lot when it first came out and have reinstalled it a few times since then but I always end up deleting it before too long. I think for me the idea is great but the execution is poor. It needs 6 pokemon teams and friend vs friend battles to make it into the game that everyone wanted to play. As of right now it's basically a collect-a-thon that you actually have to do the walking yourself for. I'm a very lazy person so I don't just go up t for walks except with my dog and when I do have to walk somewhere I'm usually not gonna want to have my phone out the entire time just in case I see a jiggly puff or whatever.
  3. megadriver

    What products do you look out for in genesis forum store?

    Does seem like a weird question considering right now you can only get the coin lol Unless you meant, what sort of products are you hoping you'll be able to get in the future?
  4. megadriver

    Game or airdrop?

    Living the dream!!!
  5. megadriver

    Would you go on a blind date?

    Blind Dates seem like a bad plan, it's weird enough trying to find someone to date normally, let alone having the possibility of dating someone you're not only not attracted too, but someone you might not have anything in common with.
  6. megadriver

    Type of Game

    I've been playing Dark Souls 3 pretty consistently, it's my final Souls/Borne game so I'm trying to wring as much enjoyment out of it as I can.
  7. megadriver

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Honestly neither did I. The Mario gameboy games were the only exception to that. Never really got on with most of the other Mario titles.
  8. megadriver

    Candy crush

    Thread locked because there is already an active thread discussing candy crush in the off topic gaming section.
  9. megadriver

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Haha believe it or not this year, or I suppose technically last year. Retro Gamer for life!!!
  10. megadriver


    I've used both over my life and I can say they both have pros and cons. Personally I prefer android for its versatility. Ios is expensive and you cant alter them much internally
  11. megadriver

    Life after Death

    I find it hard to formulate an answer to a question this unknowable. I was raised Christian by a vicar and a church army sister but I'm an atheist these days and I basically have the mind set of 'no-one knows so live the best life you can'
  12. megadriver

    who has ever finished the game God of war

    Which God of war do you mean? I've completed 1 and 3 but that was a looooooong time ago now.
  13. megadriver

    Any Dark Souls players?

    Maybe this is an obvious question but in what way is resident evil like the souls series
  14. megadriver

    From Nigeria

    Welcome to the community friend! Enjoy your time here.
  15. megadriver


    You can either switch to using a dynamic IP that is constantly switching itself or try using a VPN. If you meant how do you change your MAC address then you'll need to go into the advanced settings on your network adapter and enter a new address manually.