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  1. gostman2006

    i need good pc to start mining

    i need good pc to start mining ? Give me the specification of the pc and the price of it in $
  2. gostman2006


    Yes iam agree you must mining by yourself
  3. gostman2006

    what is the source of GEN coins

    what is the source of GEN coins it's the mining or if i not participate in lottery what the source of my coins and how i get it from?
  4. how i can increasing my ranking in the genesis forum? Helping me
  5. This is a nice update and we waiting for more exchanges than yobit
  6. gostman2006

    what about IDH coin!!

    But we know that indhash is big company and will take care about there coin
  7. gostman2006

    anyone know about haseflare2

    We know that haseflare is mining site in bitcoin and ETH and i heard about second site haseflare2 anyone heard about that
  8. how you can have fixed income of bitcoin? By invisting money in mining sites or by trading on bittrex or hitbtc help me
  9. gostman2006

    i have hd6670 amd card

    I have amd hd 6670 video card with 192mh what is the best coin to mining onit
  10. gostman2006

    lightning network

    Anyone using lightning network befor ? And what the cost and the best wallet for that?
  11. gostman2006

    what about IDH coin!!

    what about IDH coin!! It's now with .30 $ do you think it will rising in the future by listing it in hitbtc
  12. gostman2006

    I am happy for that?

    Iam very happy when i known that GEN coin will be listed in yobit from this tweet @TheGenesisCoin We have just submitted our application to be added to @YobitExchange! More information can be found in this week's Weekly Update! #Genesis #YoBit #Cryptocurrency #Crypto
  13. I will not participate in lottery
  14. gostman2006

    i have 460 GEN in my wallet?

    i have 460 GEN in my wallet? What i can do with them moving them to MEW or keeping them in genesis
  15. gostman2006

    #1 GEN FAN

    Welcoming,lam happy that you are with us in genesis