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  1. raffina

    Introduce Yourself!

    jackson you have some project in mind or you just dedicate yourself to this blog?
  2. raffina

    Hello all

    hello welcome
  3. raffina

    The magic of technology

    good news
  4. raffina

    New Forum Rank Names - Have Your Say

    i like
  5. raffina

    Awesome Team Gen!

    nice welcome bud
  6. raffina

    why the ETh fee increase

    I sent eth from coinexchange a myetherwallet but it's gone one day and the transaction Is it still pending what to do?
  7. raffina


    tks dev
  8. raffina


    new exchange for genesis?
  9. good giveaway

  10. raffina

    What Altcoins are you invested in?

    i have ethereum dashcoin navcoin artbyte flashcoin ...flashcoin 3 weeks ago my 300.000 flash from 100 satoshi they have passed a 1500 satoshi sold it 150.000 immediately afterwards a 450satoshi now we wait for the ascent
  11. now the governments want to control it and this makes me sad we hope not
  12. bitcoin is born for a specific purpose destabilize central banks and governments now instead it is just speculation
  13. raffina

    the eth fee is increasing very fast

    gas prize in exchange no good